More Rumors…

Well here are a few rumors that have been circulating Caledonia in recent weeks:

Village President Delagrave will not be running for reelection as Village President.

Former Trustee Prott will run for the Village board next spring.

The Planning commission is for sale! 50 acres in trust and we will waive any and all ordinances!

Village Engineer will stay on the payroll after his retirement…as a contract employee, of course! Can you say “CA-CHING!”

Susan “green-space” Greenfield will be running for Village President against Ron “the grass is greener” Coutts…I’m thinking a conservative in the race would at least make this one interesting.

Speaking of Ms. Green-space…I’m sure this rumor is false but…Current Village President may appoint Ms. Green-space to the drainage commission which is a paid position. If this rumor is true we can be assured that we will be saying “Madame President” come next spring!

1 comments to "More Rumors…"

  • So when are you going to run? I would vote for you if we lived there :)
    completely off topic:
    your oldest nephew broke his left arm on Saturday. (hes a lefty)
    He broke both the radius and ulna in his left forearm just above his wrist. Its splinted and wrapped in an ace bandage. We go to see the orthopedic surgeon today who can better read the X-rays.

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