A Must Read for Conservatives!

Now I’m sure that most of you out there are wondering why a conservative guy like me would recommend such a left leaning pile of s*** like this book. Well the answer is simple; we conservatives must begin to understand the depths that these people will go to in order to justify their beliefs.

If you are not a true conservative I would caution your reading of this book because, as with any politically motivated book left or right, you will be swayed by the “facts” they use and may get too caught un in them to notice the blatant and obvious contradictions.
Here is the short version of the book:
  • America has too much money.
  • America throws too much money at impoverished countries.
  • America does not throw enough of the right type of money to impoverished countries.
  • America is capitalistic.
  • America is not a democracy.
  • America sells goods too cheaply so that people can’t compete.
  • America prices its good too high so that people can’t buy them.
  • America is too violent, unlike the rest of the world.
  • America is hated by everyone because we truly don’t care for anyone but Israel.
  • Americans have no concept of what the rest of the world is doing. (The one point I truly agree with!!)

While is doe not surprise me that the left would say these things it was quite interesting the machinations they went through to prove their theory. There are contradictions throughout the book and some out right distortions of the facts.

We must be ever vigilant in understanding the inner workings of the left. This book and many more like it are tainting young and uninformed minds so we must come prepared to defend against crap like this.

3 comments to "A Must Read for Conservatives!"

  • yup it's all America's fault and the hate Bush hate America press has us believing this huge steaming pant load. grrrrrrrrrr

  • GO GET 'EM bbg!!!!

    You got the theme of the book but still worth reading.

  • i just checked on Amazon to see how much I would have to shell out for this (cant believe i am actually considering reading this tripe) i could get one used for 5.50 with shipping. but i dont know if i want to spend even that much on 224 pages of how i and everyone else i know have "lost touch with reality."

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