2006 Congressional Ratings

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) released its 2006 Congressional ratings on Thursday June 28th and here are how our legislators stacked up:

The Senate rankings were based on 21 pieces of legislation.

Feingold rated a 43% (Lukewarm to taxpayers); while Kohl received 19% (Hostile toward taxpayers.)

The House rankings were based on 44 pieces of legislation:

Baldwin 0% (Obviously lowest score in the house – Hostile toward taxpayers);
Green 86% (Taxpayer Hero – Why isn’t he Governor?!?!);
Kind 9% (Hostile toward taxpayers);
Moore 5% (Hostile toward taxpayers);
Obey 5% (Hostile toward taxpayers);
Petri 86% (Taxpayer Hero);
Ryan 98% (Taxpayer Hero);
Sensenbrenner 95% (Taxpayer Hero)

This gives our overall delegation an average score of 44.6% which is classified as lukewarm to taxpayers.

CCAGW also took a look at what the average Democrat/Republican in the House and Senate looked like and here is how we stacked up:

Average Senate Democrat was 15% our average was 31%...I guess we own a small thank you to Feingold for not being as bad as the rest of the Senate Democrats.

Average House Democrats rated only 9%...but our House Democrats averaged 4.75%!!! How pathetic is that!?!?

Average House Republicans rated a 46% (terrible!) but our House Republicans averaged 91.25%!!! Thank you Green, Ryan, Petri, and Sensenbrenner for your efforts to keep waste out of our government and for being a true friend to taxpayers.

For more information on CCAGW please visit them at www.cagw.org.

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