The Budget…

… you all feel it right? That looming behemoth of taxes just waiting to be dropped right on out heads is still out there.

I’ve read over the Assembly’s budget and if I knew that the final budget was going to be anywhere close to this I would be happy but the reality is we are in for a HUGE tax increase and unfortunately there is very little the Republicans can do about it.

Republicans are already being painted as though they took a machete to the budget…just look at these headlines:

Racine JT: Bad news for Racine: Local legislator decries GOP Assembly budget proposal

Wisconsin State Journal: Budget would cut from UW System

Or how about these quotes:

Rep. Colon: “Instead they have protected the interests of big oil companies and big tobacco companies.”

Sen. Robson: “Assembly Republicans are on the verge of passing the most fiscally irresponsible, morally reprehensible budget to come out of Madison in some time.”

Rep. Kreuser: “Worst of all, despite deep cuts to nearly every important state priority, the GOP budget fails to offer any meaningful tax relief to middle class families beyond what was proposed by Governor Doyle.”

Here is the best part…the budget proposed by the Republicans is basically a net zero budget. What this means is that while they are adding certain items, such as expanded school choice, they are cutting in other areas to compensate for it. This is how people handle their own budgets at home why should our legislators be any different? The Democrats are screaming now but in the end (once the compromise committee meets) they will get a portion of their tax increase that they are looking for.

I hope that the Republicans stick to their guns and hold to this budget…not only today but through the committee review that is still to come.

Good luck guys and gals!

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