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AP: Atlantic tropical storms have doubled

There are a group of researchers actually saying that there is a noticeable change in the number of tropical storms and hurricanes seen in the Atlantic in the last 100 years and that the “increase” in these storms is largely blamed on “man-made” global warming.

For those of you that actually pay attention to this issue it is worth noting that former IPCC hurricane scientist and current Science and Operations Officer for NOAA’s Hurricane Center, Chris Lansea, has labeled this research as “sloppy science” pointing out that “The doubling in the number of storms and hurricanes in 100 years that they found in their paper is just an artifact of technology, not climate change.”

Let us be really honest here, do you actually believe that we were able to see, and count, every tropical storm and hurricane in the Atlantic before that advent of satellite technology? There are a few of the blind “consensus” scientists saying that aircraft flights were enough to detect the storms back in the day…but those didn’t even begin until the 1940’s and surprise, surprise when these flights began to take place more storms were detected!

The Atlantic covers 1/5 of the Earth’s surface and is 41 million square miles…do you really think that planes could have detected all of the storms in the ocean? Enter into the picture satellites…and amazingly enough we detect even more storms!

May be these “scientists” should write a more realistic paper titled: Technology brings about more devastating storms to the world. At least their conclusions could be supported by their data!

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  • I had the same thought. Another study out specualted that as many as 6 storms a year did not make anywhere close to landfall and as such were not recorded in the pre-radar/satelite days.

    I am sure these scientists know that but have made the choice to ignore that data as it does not agree with their global warming agenda.

    Typical consensus thought ignoring real critical thinking.

  • Low pressure systems derive their energy from a temperature differential, therby causing air to want to move from the lower temperature, higher pressure area to the higher temperature, lower pressure area. But climate change has caused the atlantic to heat up more in the arctic region than at the equator, therby decreasing the temperature differntial. Seems common sense to me that the fuel for hurricanes is decreasing. At a minimum, no one can argue if you heat everything uniformally, you will have more storms. Storms always derive their power from temperature variances, not the absolute temperature - some of the strongest winds in the world are in antarctica.

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