“Healthy Wisconsin” and Glenn Beck

In case you missed it last night, Glenn Beck had State Senator Erpenbach on to defend the HUGE tax increase to those in Wisconsin. You can find the entire transcript here but these are some of my favorite parts:

GLENN BECK: I apologize to the people in Wisconsin, but believe it or not, I actually hope this passes, because, by bankrupting your state, it may be the best chance we have to prevent the other 49 states from making the same ludicrous and disastrous decision.

Jon Erpenbach is a Wisconsin state senator who supports the proposal. Hello, Senator, how are you, sir?


BECK: You`re going to convince me this is a state tax cut?

ERPENBACH: Well, it is. It actually is a tax cut. Glenn, listen to me.

You didn’t misread…Erpenbach actually called this $15.2 BILLION tax increase a tax cut!!

BECK: Your taxes for a family will be about 20 percent of your family income, 20 percent, and that`s for the state. That`s higher than the federal in most cases.

ERPENBACH: Glenn, you can`t take the entire state budget and everything else, with the tobacco tax, and lump it all together with Healthy Wisconsin.

BECK: Oh, of course not.

ERPENBACH: You have to look at it separately.

BECK: Of course you do. That way you don`t realize that you`re paying 20 percent to the state.

BECK: I have 30 seconds. Let me just ask you this. Illegal aliens are going to get health care. If you have a company that is paying these people off of the books and they get health care, will you prosecute the companies for paying people off the books?

ERPENBACH: Well, I would hope that a company isn`t doing anything illegal in the state of Wisconsin...

BECK: Hope...


ERPENBACH: At the very least, if you`re an illegal alien and you have a job, you`re going to be paying for your own health care, just like I am.

BECK: I guess that`s a no. Thank you very much. That`s the "Real Story" tonight.

So remember folks when you are talking about this $15.2 BILLION TAX INCREASE point out to people that the State Democrats actually think this is a tax cut!!!

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