Days like today

There are just days or in some cases weeks where there is little that I want write about because I just want to scream about everything. Here are the foot notes of what’s going on in my head:

AP: Judge: Sudan owes USS Cole families $8M WHAT?!?! These 17 families are only worth $8 million...The Sudan should pay far more for supporting terrorism.

AP: Doc won't face charges in Katrina deaths Hope that the law suits against her also fail…she did nothing wrong!

AP: N.M. works on rodent recovery plan Only in America would we put the lives of rodents above progress.

AP: Study: Rising temperatures pose danger See!! Global warming can be blamed on the Indians!!!

Reuters: Forecaster cuts 2007 hurricane outlook - HA!!!! Now there is a real surprise!!! How many years does that make now? If we can’t predict the weather of a small portion of the world, how do you think we can predict the climate of the entire plant?

Reuters: Your plant just called to say ... I'm thirsty! - Just think you used to have to put your finger in the soil to tell if the plant needed watering?!?! I love technology but is this a little too far?

Press Release: Moore Statement on Today’s Minimum Wage Increase - Is she really that dumb to think that there are that many people working minimum wage jobs? Does she understand the financial repercussions this is going to have in the job market here in Wisconsin?!?!

Press Release: Lt. Governor Lawton to Take Lead on Climate Change, Energy Independence - {spit take} 60-80% reduction of CO2 emissions below 1990 levels…I have a quick solution…don’t send her to this stupid meeting…fewer politicians speaking means lower CO2 levels!! And where the hell is the energy independence?? I guess if we are living in huts, using candles, and driving horse drawn carriages again we would be independent again…Note to self buy all stock in buggy whips…they might be coming back!!!!

Kay’s Blue Racine: Politics 101 – “You can't trust people just because they say they're democrats” - Personally I think she should have wrote “you can’t trust people IF they say they’re democrats.”

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