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Healthy Wisconsin is the Democrats way of introducing Wisconsin to Universal Heath Care in a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” kind of way. By slipping this $15.2 billion mandatory tax into the State Budget in stead of discussing this issue like real leaders they have decided to use our health as a “political football.”

I attended a meeting yesterday in Kenosha staring Senators Erpenbach, Wirch, and Lehman for the purposes of having them tell us why this plan is so good. To be honest they didn’t tell the audience anything new.

Their plan is a payroll tax plan that will take 4% of an employee’s paycheck and send it to the State of Wisconsin. The employer is MADATED to pay 10.5% of an employee’s paycheck to the State of Wisconsin. You have no choice but to participate, this is MANDITORY for all “gainfully employed” Wisconsinites.

They repeatedly stated that is was “not an optional plan” that one could opt out of. In Wisconsin you will only have one choice for health care and that is the State of Wisconsin’s Healthy Wisconsin plan. Sure you can buy additional insurance over and above the plan but the State plan is first.

They believe that this plan provides “personal responsibility.” I don’t see how mandating anything shows personal responsibility. They said that this program (which they later say is “not a government program”) makes sure that people “pay their fair share” when it comes to health care. Um, 93% of Wisconsinites already have health care; this isn’t needed for us because we are already paying our share. They said it’s the “right thing to do.” While I believe that we need to look closer at health care, I do not think that having the government mandate a program to all is the right action to take!

I asked a simple question: “Tell me if I’ve got this right, the State of Wisconsin is going to MANDATE that all gainfully employed Wisconsinites must pay into this system and use it but that this is “not a government program”?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” was the response.

I’m very sorry but anyone that believes that the government “mandating” anything provides “personal responsibility” and is “not a government program” has been in the sun too long.

I go by the old adage if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck.

In this case, if it looks like a government program and acts like a government program, then it is going to cost far more than anyone has estimated and will be as helpful as a trip to the DMV.

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  • Although I don't believe this plan will pass (or at least I'm praying and have every finger, toe and flexible appendage crossed) if the Republicans don't get serious about health care reform, a plan like this WILL EVENTUALLY PASS!

    When will our Repubs wake up to the fact that HSAs don't solve the problem and working toward "transparency in pricing" is far too litte, far too late.

    I think we've had this discussion, but I will say this again, as I've said countless times to elected officials...until you get the doctors motivated (or assure them of financial stability) to break away from the big conglomerate health care providers...NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE WILL CHANGE!

    Government needs to provide incentives for the system to change from within. There is not a physician alive (that I'm aware of anyway)that wouldn't jump at the opportunity to bolt from under the thumb of the health care "alliances" if presented the opportunity.

    This is the one area where I'm really disappointed in President Bush and all our Republican electeds.

    BTW, thanks for attending the meeting. I would have liked to but then I'm not sure my blood pressure could take it! ;^)

  • Did you attend the "smart growth" meeting last night?

    I'd love to hear how that went!

  • Are you yankin' my chain? There was a smart growth meeting? Who, what, when, where, why? Maybe it's a good thing I didn't know...again the blood pressure thing and I don't want to end up in prison for doing bodily harm ;^)

  • completely off topic and for that I apologize

    big brother I am freaking out here we are currently surrounded by wild fires

    nevada and Idaho (2 minute walk from my house) are on fire.
    We have the guys from the BLM camped out here at the school
    I did get some cool pictures though
    look in the pic area
    and today some of the national guard showed up we have a chinook flying around here with the bucket thingy

    I hate environmentalists, one controlled burn could have prevented some of this.......
    damn treehuggers

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