20/20 Hindsight or Simply Biased Reporting

I saw this article online last night and nearly gagged on the clear intent of the article.

If you head to the website for the, LOL, The Center for Public Integrity (that name is just too funny when you read articles like this one) you will find the cover story is: The War Card: Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War

They are claiming that the Bush administration knowingly lead the US into the Iraqi war with premeditated malice. They want everyone to believe that the world all knew that Iraq had no WMD and it was only through Bush and his administrations use of 935 statements over a 2 year period were the American people duped into believing that the war was needed.

They ignore all of the other people that were saying the same thing; Jacque Chirac of France, President Clinton, VP Al Gore, Madeline Albright, Senator Kerry, and Senator Clinton just to name a few. The facts were believed to be known it wasn’t until the country had been secured that we found out that the intelligence estimates from all across the globe had been incorrect.

As journalists they intentionally use inflammatory language such as “false pretenses” to lead to their thinking versus laying out all of the facts and allowing you to come to your own conclusions because then they wouldn’t be able to make you believe that the Bush administration knew all along that there were no WMD…because we all know that we just went in there for the oil, right?

I think if their intent was to try to smear a great President then they have done a great hatchet job with this story. I am sorry that I’m even paying attention to it but we all have to do our part to point out that just because you have a snappy name like “Public Integrity” doesn’t mean that you are really in the business of maintaining any degree of public morality. In this case these hatful people are just trying to push their agenda.

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