So this is what the US has come to…

If you heard “if we are punishing girls like that, that is unacceptable," what would you think the person was talking about?

Do you think that "It's critical that these young women have a chance to bond with their babies," is in reference to hospitals and healthcare providers?

Well according to the we are talking about teenage mothers who are requesting maternity leave from high school!! (link)

Maybe they should not have gotten pregnant in the first place!! How come now that they are pregnant they are concerned about their education? Maybe they should spend some time doing both schoolwork and bonding with their child since that is what they will need to do if they expect to finish their education.

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  • I'm kind of torn on this topic. I will admit that I laughed when I read that they want maternity leave in high school, and my first thought was, "well dummy, you should have been more responsible."
    However these girls did not get pregnant by themselves. It takes two to tango, and to make babies, and the guys who helped them get that way usually don't end up suffering anything at all (except maybe in the wallet)

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