Fred’s out!

“I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort.”

Can someone tell Fred that the reason he has to drop out is because they DIDN’T put much effort into this race!!

Well Fred did the right thing and dropped out…how much longer are we going to have to endure Huckabee?

2 comments to "Fred’s out!"

  • Sad news for me - philosophically, Fred was my first choice. But you're correct, there was not much of a campaign. I'm wondering if health was an issue.

    That said, Romney would be my second choice, but I noticed you've removed your endorsement.

    Care to tell us why? Something of which we should be aware?

    Not that who I prefer is really going to matter - sounds like we might be stuck with a candidate from whom a number a conservatives will feel alienated.

  • I agree with you from the philosophical point of view about Fred. Unfortunately he came off as more of an empty suit than he really was and that is why I was not 100% behind him.

    My biggest fear is that we nominate a person that will push conservatives to do one of two things: vote 3rd party or stay at home in November. Both options will ensure a Democrat victory.

    For CU and anyone else that is curious: I am a board member of the Racine GOP and in our by-laws it states that an elected board member may not "publicly commit" ones self to a candidate prior to a contested primary election. While this was directed toward local primary elections I felt that it was best to keep within the letter of the by-law rather than just its spirit. Therefore I have removed the endorsement rather than placing all the other candidates on this blog.

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