Guess what this is?

I’m willing to bet it will become a very hot commodity for thieves!

We see the video footage all of the time of people stealing ATM machines…how long before these big machines are stolen?

4 comments to "Guess what this is?"

  • Is this the dreaded Marijuana vending machine?

  • Yep!!!

    "Modern technology...isn't it wonderful?"

  • WOW! That is crazy! Where was that 10yrs ago!

  • Why do they not just legalize marijuana! It costs a little over 40 billion a year for our drug enforcement agencies, not to count for the taxes we pay to imprison these people. The government would be able to tax the product, granted they wouldn't receive that much of the taxes due to manufacturing, ect.... And seeing as though the drug arrests count for a little over 43% it would be saving the government and tax payers allot of money.

    Now I'm not the most educated on this matter. But to combat the crimes and drug wars over marijuana and the tempting of more crimes like was stated in the original post of stealing the vending machines, and the savings to the government. It would be a smart thing to do!

    There are statistically less deaths over marijuana then drinking!!

    now lets talk the "I can get high when you smoke and I don't want that"

    Big brother is already controlling where we can and can not smoke. So what would be the difference?

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