Name that Country

I love this game but every now and then I get the feeling that people are just rushing to their atlas (does anybody out there have one of these anymore?) and finding the country so that they can post it.

I have no way of verifying or stopping that but I can ask that if you are doing this be a bit more indirect with your answer…there are others that like to play and they could use a hint from those of you that know what the country is.

Play along…its also fun for me to try to decode your clues!

Last week the county was Israel.

This week is a bit harder.

6 out of 10

3 comments to "Name that Country"

  • Atlas no! But the middle east countrys have only been in the news for the last couple of years an are pretty easy to point out!!

    Are there any clues for this one?

  • Harder??

    How 'bout this: if you go into the neighboring country, they treat you ALOT rougher than we treat illegals....even if they're just "passing thru."

    Rough, but i cant think of anything witty at this hour.
    Or later hours for that matter.

  • Do they like to kid-nap americans?

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