Doyle and Gas

Doyle and 16 other Democrat Governors are calling for the President to pressure “big oil” to reinvest their “enormous profits” into lowering gas prices. (link)

Well here is some quick math for you:

$3.59 – Current price of Gallon of gas
$0.33 - Wisconsin MANDITORY Markup 9.18%
$0.32 - Wisconsin gas tax $0.32 (or 8.9%)
$0.14 - Federal gas tax $0.14 (or 3.9%)

$2.80 - Wholesale price of gas (Current price minus taxes and markup)

$0.26 – Exxon’s HUGE profit per gallon of gas (9.7%)

Doyle is proposing to raise the tax on gas an additional $0.07 per gallon (to $0.39) meaning that Wisconsin will make more money per gallon than ANYONE ELSE!!!!

Every time you fill your tank, repeat this until your tank is full:

Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!

4 comments to "Doyle and Gas"

  • You are so right Bill. And the last thing you will ever hear from a pol is we could lower our take...

  • An analysis of this is all well & good, however, where is the analysis of how much it costs to produce a gallon of gas?

    You list $2.80 as the current 'Wholesale' price but make no mention of any cost to produce it.

    I would not believe that it currently costs the Oil companies $2.80 to produce a gallon of gas because then when the price dips below $3 they would be losing money, which we all know they would not stand for.

    With the Oil companies reporting RECORD profits, it must be that the 'Wholesale' price is extrememly inflated.

    It would be helpful to see an analysis of the Cost to produce a gallon so we can get a better feel for who the actual culprit is.

    For a true Market driven economy to exist, there must be ready substitutes. Choosing between Mobil or Shell is not a true substitute, especially when one raises their price the other immediately follows. Why is it that the price of gas one day is cause by high oil prices and the next day, when oil prices are low, the price is high because of 'supply' problems?

    I put it to you to prove that they are not utilizing their market monopoly to gouge and rip off everyone.

  • p.s. Who do you think gets the $2.80 wholesale price? It certainly isn't you, me or the government... and it doesn't just disappear into thin air...

  • At this point, I don't care who is or isn't making large profits on gas. I can tell you who isn't though... Me, my family, neighbors & friends.

    Bush??? Doyle????? Whomever, just lower the @#@$%!! gas prices. My husband figured out that we're spending nearly $1,000 a month between gas for our 2 vehicles & groceries. That is outrageous to spend almost a mortgage payment on this.

    We the tax payers want relief. Somebody do something!!!

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