May Day Protests

I find the whole concept of protesting for illegal immigration kind of odd.

The JT has an article today which states that there will be around 500 students and family members that will be attending the protests in Racine and Milwaukee. It goes on further to state that the students did need permission slips to attend but that it is “not an official school trip.”

Question: Did this organization, Students United for Immigrant Rights, pay for the use of the 10 buses? I truly hope that this is not being put on the taxpayer’s dime!!

Many of the protests we will see in the news today are organized by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network. This organization has this catchy little slogan on their website:


Then they go further and layout their “ten points of unity” which are further detailed in a letter sent to Speaker Pelosi in January (Jan 29, 2007 open letter to the Congress)

1) No to anti-immigrant legislation, and the criminalization of the immigrant communities.

2) No to militarization of the border.

3) No to the immigrant detention and deportation.

4) No to the guest worker program.

5) No to employer sanction and "no match" letters.

6) Yes to a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

7) Yes to speedy family reunification.

8) Yes to civil rights and humane immigration law.

9) Yes to labor rights and living wages for all workers.

10) Yes to the education and LGBT immigrant legislation.

I find it sad that in this day and age we have a segment of people who think that illegal aliens and immigration equate to the same thing!

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