Press Release from Rep. Nass

PRESS RELEASE - May 1, 2007

Rep. Steve Nass (608) 266-5715

DOR Secretary Wants Greater Powers to Tax Wisconsinites
Nass: Secretary Ervin Believes that Taxpayers should pay $4-6 billion more.

State Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) sent Secretary Roger Ervin a letter opposing his call for greater taxing powers for the Department of Revenue. It also sharply criticized the Secretary for suggesting that Wisconsin taxpayers should pay an additional $4-6 billion annually, above the $13.3 billion yearly the State of Wisconsin already collects. Nass also suggested that the Secretary refocus his energy on protecting the sensitive taxpayer data his agency collects.

“The Secretary is angry that your Grandma ordered you a sweater online and didn’t pay the sales tax or the boy next door that mows lawns in the neighborhood forgot to pay the income tax from his cash business. If the people of Wisconsin weren’t already living in a Tax Hell maybe his ideas would have merit, but Secretary Ervin has already gone Madison,” Nass said.

Nass also noted that Secretary Ervin failed to consider the impact on the state’s economy if you pullout another $4-6 billion from the private sector. Every time government saps money from families and businesses there is an offset in the economy of the private sector. In a middleclass state like Wisconsin, the best way to grow the economy is by lowering taxes and holding-the-line on government spending.

“Apparently, Governor Doyle and Secretary Ervin have decided that the State’s fiscal mess isn’t government’s fault. They think it’s your fault for not paying enough in taxes,” Nass said.


Well said Representative Nass!

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