WOW! Now that is breathtaking!

I just love it when Republicans speak their mind because when we speak from the heart we always hit a homerun.

Letter from State Representative Steve Nass (R - 31st Assembly):

May 4, 2007

Speaker Mike Huebsch
Room 211 West

Representative Kitty Rhoades
Co-Chair, Joint Finance
Room 309 East

Dear Speaker Huebsch and Co-Chair

The Joint Finance Committee is nearly two weeks into acting on the Governor’s proposed 2007-2009 Biennial Budget. The net result to-date is horrible for taxpayers and fantastic for big spenders in the Capitol. The committee evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats has failed to remove any major tax and fee increases, but has reached some compromises on how to spend money.

The current process, negotiated between the Co-Chairs, clearly favors the Senate Democrats in preserving Governor Doyle’s $1.7 billion in tax and fee increases. It’s painfully obvious that Senate Democrats won’t agree to any changes in tax and fee increases, but will accept changes to promote spending and buy friends through expanded government programs.

The delusional rants in defense of higher taxes and fees from Senators Russ Decker (Senate Co-Chair), Bob Jauch and Lena Taylor offer proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Joint Finance Committee process is hopelessly broken and a tremendous waste of resources. It’s certain that the end product in the Joint Finance Committee will dramatically raise taxes and fees.

It is unimaginable that any Republican on the Joint Finance Committee can vote in favor of the final package, thus guaranteeing an 8-8 vote. Why waste the time and limited resources of the Legislature so the Joint Finance Committee can do nothing more than rearrange the deck chairs just prior to hitting the iceberg?

I am requesting the Assembly Republican leadership cease our participation in the process of anointing the Governor’s $1.7 billion tax and fee increases in the Joint Finance Committee. The two houses can better use the month of May to prepare starkly differing versions of the 2007-2009 Biennial Budget and move more efficiently towards a Conference Committee showdown over the future of Wisconsin.


Steve Nass
State Representative
31st Assembly District

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