Fire Hicks NOW!!

First I have to tip my hat to Fred at RealDebateWisconsin…he has done a great job investigating Hicks and this latest blow is enough to call for termination of his contract for misuse of his expense account:

From RDW:

One thing is certain, Tom Hicks does not skimp at the taxpayers expense in exercising his duties as Superintendent.

In no particular order:

Greystone San Diego - $130.14 ($75 for the Mrs)
Commander's Palace - $160.65 ($81.00 for the Mrs)
The Waves - $133.56.
Figs Cucina - San Diego - $100.25
Ray's in the City - Atlanta - $276.79
Mia Bella Bistro - Lake Geneva - $155.31
The Red Snapper - Atlanta - $196.45
Houlihan's - $62.44
Bentley's - $98.76

These are just a few of the example I have. One thing is certain, Dr. Tom Hicks eats very well on the taxpayer dime, and he clearly does not feel he needs to follow district policy.

More: Breaking News: Hicks is Apparently Imune to District Policy

Keep up the great work Fred!!!

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