We as humans try to justify things in our lives.

We make excuses for eating that extra piece of cake…”it was just a sliver.”

We justify not exercising by saying that the cake was “sugar free.”

The left make excuses for people who are to dumb to use birth control but smart enough to file for government aid…by saying that “we need to help those less fortunate.”

The left rationalize away the killing of innocent babies while deriding those that want to put cold blooded murderers to death…by saying “a woman has the right to choose” and that we are hypocrites.

Now the left has come up with a justification that goes beyond all others…we need to raise taxes because…wait for it…the “beer tax has remained static for 37 years.”

As if raising taxes weren’t enough they are going to raise the tax by 500%!!!! Rep. Berceau even calls this 500% increase in taxes “modest.” I wonder how Rep. Berceau will vote on Doyle’s tremendous “tax budget?”

Here is Representative Berceau’s proposal and fact sheet.

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