Proud of the WI GOP

I am proud to announce that for the second straight year the State Republicans in Convention passed the following resolution without a single dissenting vote:

2007-29 Light Rail and KRM

WHEREAS, various proposals for light and commuter (KRM) rail systems in the Milwaukee-Kenosha corridor have been made in recent years, almost invariably at frightful cost to the taxpayers; and
WHEREAS, Southeastern Wisconsin does not have the density of population necessary for the economical operation of such a system; and
WHEREAS, the voters have demonstrated their opposition to light rail in referendum after referendum; and
WHEREAS, the voters have not been able to vote on the proposed KRM line; and
WHEREAS, most supporters of light and commuter rail do not intend to ride the rails themselves but just want to get the other guys off the road, whether they like it or not:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in convention
assembled, that no public funds be expended on light or commuter (KRM) rail in Wisconsin.

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