What is the problem!?!

AP: Many Katrina evacuees are still jobless

You can read the story for yourself but I think the numbers speak for them selves:

“About 12,000 families are still getting federal aid for housing, the city said. Of that group, about 5,500 heads of households are unemployed, not counting those who are elderly and disabled, city officials said.”

“Houston's economy is hot because of the booming oil and gas industry. City officials say there are 2 million job openings, 59,000 of which require only a high school education.”

I would have to agree with Rep John Culberson (R-TX):

"We're a charitable nation and Houston in particular has a big heart, and we have already gone way above and beyond the call of duty to help our neighbors," Culberson said. "It's time for everyone who can work to get to work."

He further stated that “evacuees should have benefits cut off if they don't get a job.”

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