Excuse me?

AP: Wolves to be removed from species list
Are they no longer an animal?

AP: Pakistan opposition parties to ally
Isn’t this head line one big oxymoron?

AP: Obama wins global primary
I didn’t know that this election cycle had gone global!?!

Reuters: Total lunar eclipse turns Moon red
I hope it turned it back again!!

Reuters: USDA unsure if Calif. cattle case isolated to plant
You know it’s bad when the government doesn’t know that cattle are not plants!

4 comments to "Excuse me?"

  • Here's one for ya:

    6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nevada, No Serious Injuries

    Yes we felt if here
    Yes it scared the heck out of us
    Yes we are alright

  • It was just a little rumble...

    I've driven with you before so it can't be much worse than that...

  • Thats Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  • just a little rumble?
    tell that to the people in Wells. Half of the town suffered some sort of damage and the school has been closed for four days.
    The school in Jackpot was evacuated when they realized there was some structural damage to the building your oldest nephew spends the day in.

    The driving thing, thats funny.
    Not as funny as your driving record compared to mine, but funny none the less. :)

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