Lou D’Abbraccio…

For those of you who do not know Lou, he is a great guy that can be loud as hell when he needs to be!!! Most importantly he is running for the Racine County Board in District 3.

Yesterday at the Racine Taxpayer Association Lou had the following to say about KRM and Crime:

KRM: “I am unequivocally opposed to anything which increases the net burden on Racine county taxpayers, particularly the taxpayers of my district who already face a fairly onerous burden as it is.” Yet there is a value to building links for the broader economy. He suggested that the project be tested with buses if the public approves it in a referendum.

Crime: “The simple answer is there are no simple answers.” Crime, education and employment are intertwined. We have to make sure that dangerous people are confined, but we also have to look at expanding the local economy so that there are alternatives to crime.

Both quotes are from the JT and the full article including comments from others can be found at this link.

WAY TO GO LOU!!! Keep on fighting man!!!

2 comments to "Lou D’Abbraccio…"

  • Uh Lou...

    There already are buses that run the KRM route.

    Coach line, and no one rides it.

  • rd - you need to check out the Walgreen's parking lot at 4 Mile and Douglas on a Sunday morning. TONS of seniors anxious to rid themselves of some of that social security money waiting for the Coach Line to take them to...are you readY...POTAWATOMI!!!LOL

    Ironically this was discussed at Caledonia's CDA meeting last night. The committee might be looking into some sort of bus station/parking lot in that shopping center to encourage ridership and facilitate some who might take this route to Milwaukee on a daily basis. Apparently there is some desire to use it, but no where to park your car once you get to the bus.

    I'd much rather see this small investment as a "test" of sorts before we spend hundreds of millions on the train.

    Of course, if they'd just wise up and punch through 794 south from Layton Ave, or do something to make 32 a viable commuter route...oh yeah, that would make sense, can't do that!

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