On this day in history, February 22:

1732 – George Washington, 1st US President, born

1819 – Spain ceded Florida to the United States

1854 – 1st meeting of the Republican Party, Michigan

1856 – 1st National meeting of the Republican Party, Pittsburgh

1872 – 1st National convention of the Prohibition Party, Columbus, OH

1879 – 1st Woolworths’s opens in Utica, NY

1889 – North and South Dakota, Montana and Washington were admitted to the Union

1900 – Hawaii becomes a US territory

1924 – The first presidential radio broadcast from the White House made by Coolidge

1932 – “Teddy” Kennedy, Senator D-MA, born

1935 – Planes were no longer allowed to fly over the White House

1968 – Jeri Ryan, Actress, born

1971 – Gilbert Brown, Defensive Tackle, born

1980 – The US Olympic Hockey Team defeats the Soviets 4-3 at Lake Placid

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