Question of Ethics

It seems that the “left leaning” group One Wisconsin Now is a little upset with Judge Michael Gableman’s campaign and have filled a complaint (way back in December) with the Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee but the Wisconsin State Journal is reporting on it just this last weekend.

They claim that the Gableman campaign violated the judicial ethics code which states in part “a candidate for a judicial office shall not knowingly or with reckless disregard for the statement’s truth or falsity misrepresent the ... present position or other fact concerning ... an opponent."

So the question is “what did the Gableman camp say that violated this rule?”

In a fundraising letter the following was written Louis Butler “provided the deciding vote to overturn a sexual predator decision by a circuit court, resulting in the release of the predator into Milwaukee County.”

Here are the facts:

In a case of Richard A. Brown, Louis Butler voted with the majority, in a 4-3 ruling, that ordered Brown to be released into Milwaukee County.

So the statement in the fundraising letter is in fact truthful and does not misrepresent Louis Butler’s position on this case at all. The One Wisconsin Now crowd is all hung up on the fact that, to date, Brown has not been released. That information does not change the any of the facts of the statement.

Gableman’s campaign will not be found to have violated any ethical standards.

3 comments to "Question of Ethics"

  • It is starting, I hope Judge Gablemen is ready to get raked over the coals. We need to support him fully. These liberals will do and say anything to create a buzz about a Republican.

  • What's starting? Holding Gabeman accountable for putting out a false claim? It is very very simple. Gableman made a claim that is false.

    Brown has never been "released into Milwaukee County"- the exact opposite of what the Gableman Campaign said in their letters.

    It is stunning that they did not check this fact first. It only took a quick check on the sex offender website to verify that Brown is still in state custody and was never released.

    The Gableman crowd seems so excited to attack the high court (it was a majority decision after all) that he is happy to ignore the facts.

    If this is how he deals with clear facts, it should not be a suprise that he has been overturned so much on appeal (he is in the bottom 15 percent of all judges in the state).

  • What is starting, the attacks. Liberals are afraid that Butler is vulnerable. He has been trounced before. Liberals are so small minded to miss the big picture. Butler did vote to release Brown into Milwaukee County, not a point you want to make. I am glad Brown is still in jail, but YOU aren't. That is what you are really upset about.

    Butler is not a legislator he is a Judge, so he needs to use law to interperate rulings not his own liberal philosophy.

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