Can it be true?

I can’t believe it just yet but it looks from this report that some liberals are turning their backs on Hillary.

I’m still looking forward to the Hillary/Condi match up. I believe, as Dick Morris states in his book, that if Hillary were to get the Democratic nod Condi would be the only chance for the Republicans.

I believe that the best option for the Republican Party is to convince Condi that her time is now! She needs to run. She is the best qualified person to run for the office…there isn’t a republican out there that would be more qualified than her…maybe G.H.W. Bush but none of us want to see that retread again.

Since 2003 I was telling friends that Bush should have Dick Cheney resign midterm and nominate Condi as his VP. This would do a few things: Show just how racially unequal the Dems really are…they would stop at nothing to demonize her just so she would not become VP. This move would also ensure a successor for Bush and it would be someone he truly trust and believes could do the job.

Lets hope that Hollywood is not the last group of people to turn on Hillary and lets try to get Condi to run!!!

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