Can Someone Explain Civil Rights to Voces De La Frontera?

Are the people that make up Voces De La Frontera truly bilingual?

They are planning on holding another “civil rights” march. If they are bilingual, why do they have such a hard time understanding that illegal immigrants to not have “civil rights” here?

Civil rights are the protections and privileges of personal liberty given to all citizens by law (See Wikipedia).

Illegal immigrants are not citizens and thereby do not have civil rights in this country!

Immigration is good for America…illegal immigration is not.

Voces De La Frontera, if you want to have an impact, encourage people to come here and become citizens not to come here by nefarious means. Stop these protest marches that only serve to divide a country while allowing people who are here illegally to continue to break the law.

The marches held by Voces De La Frontera only continue to prove that our officials look the other way when laws are being broken. If the INS, local, state, and federal officials would do their job they would be at these rallies and round up those that are here illegally and send them back to their country of origin.

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