I have read quite a bit from the left lately trying to prove that Wisconsin is not the tax hell that it is. But thanks to the good people at The Tax Foundation (read more here) we can see exactly what Wisconsin looks like.

Here is how Wisconsin ranks:

  • We are 20th based on Population.
  • We are 21st based on Personal Income.
  • We are 7th in total tax burden.
  • We have the 12th latest tax freedom day (April 28th).
  • We are 1st in gas taxes.
  • We are 11th highest in total taxes collected.
  • We are 11th highest in corporate tax collections.
  • We are 32nd in business tax climate (neighbors MN and IA are worse at 38th and 42nd respectively).
  • We are 10th in local property taxes per capita.
  • We are 11th in State property taxes per capita.
  • We are 7th in personal income taxes per capita.

High taxes drive businesses away…when will we learn?

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