E10 and Senator Zien

Senator Zien (R-Eau Claire) is once again calling for the Wisconsin State Legislature to mandate 10% ethanol (E10) in all gasoline in Wisconsin. (Link)

Senator Zien is working under a false premise he is saying: “Why wouldn’t you work to decrease foreign oil dependence and grow our own fuel in corn fields, keeping that money right here Wisconsin?” Unfortunately Senator Zien hasn’t actually read any of the research done on the fuel consumption with E10. If he had he would know that under the best of circumstances E10 reduces fuel efficiency by a minimum of 10% thereby not reducing our dependency on oil but increasing the cost per gallon that we pay.

E10 and E85 (85% ethanol content) are available to those who wish to use it but I do not want our elected representatives misleading the people into believing that this will reduce our dependency on oil. Nor do I want these elected officials touting a fuel source that is more expensive than what is currently available.

If Senator Zien and his type would like to really have a significant impact on oil dependency then why is he not mandating that all cars sold and driven in Wisconsin have Hybrid or Fuel Cell technology? The reason why is simple: Those industries have not contributed enough to his campaign. Senator Zien may call himself a Republican but for considering a mandate, I believe him to be more of a RINO.

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