Mr. Feingold, can we redeploy our soldiers from Germany?

Our Senator has once again made an asinine comment by stating that our “indefinite presence of large numbers of U.S. forces there tends to weaken our ability to fight the global terrorist networks that threaten us today.”

Indefinite?!?! Does Mr. Feingold realize that we have had soldiers stationed in Germany since the end of major operations in WWII!!!! I don’t see him asking for their immediate redeployment. I believe that the decision to leave should be based on what our active military people on the ground say not by what some Washington bureaucrat thinks.

Now I know what the response will be…well soldiers aren’t being killed in Germany…after some 60 years I would hope that the Nazi’s aren’t still terrorizing the people over there. We need to allow the Iraqi government and military to gain control and then we can work on leaving. Our presence in the country will be there for as long as the government requests us to be there.

Once again Mr. Feingold uses fear to try to move opinions by stating that our operations in Iraq “weaken our ability to fight” terrorist networks. Weakening our ability to fight terrorists would be what Russ is doing by calling for our withdrawal of troops before an area is secure and by tying our NSA’s hands when it comes to listening to international calls!

Our enemy is watching us and every move that Feingold makes only makes them happy.

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