Okay well maybe not an invasion as any military strategist would label it but with over 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country are we on the receiving end of Entryism?

From Wikiedia (Link)

Entryism (or entrism or enterism) is a political tactic by which an organization encourages members to infiltrate another organization in an attempt to gain recruits, or take over entirely.

In situations where the organization being "entered" is hostile to entryism, the entryists may engage in a degree of subterfuge to hide the fact that they are, in fact, an organization in their own right. In the case of the Militant Tendency, this was done by claiming that the tendency was in fact simply a newspaper, Militant, its editorial board and readers. Militant was open about its support for Trotskyism and revolutionary socialism. Other entryist groups have gone to the extent of hiding both their political views and their organizational existence.

Entryism does not involve dissolving the small organization into the larger one. Entryism is often (but not always) done secretly and often in organizations run on democratic centralist lines. Entryism is seen by some as a logical conclusion from Leninist political theory which postulates that a "revolutionary vanguard" can successfully foment a revolution within a larger capitalist society, but according to some, the strategy of entryism is as old as politics itself.

We are hearing Vincente Fox and the other presidential contenders for Mexico say that they all believe that Mexican immigrants "regardless of legal status" deserve better treatment. Are we not treating them well? Why would the Mexican president care since these people supposedly are coming here for a better life than the one they had back at home?

Now some may claim that I am just nuts but look at the numbers. With over 8,000,000 illegal immigrants being of Mexican origin if they were to vote as a block any of the past 5 elections could have been turned on it's ear. Is this simply attempt of the Mexican Government to usurp the power of the US? If we allow these illegal people to stay where do their loyalties lie?

Those on the left are crying that we are an occupying force in Iraq because we have just over 100,000 troops there while back here at home we are being occupied by an illegal force with over 12,000,000 people. What is the difference? Some of you bleeding hearts will say that these illegals do not have weapons of any kind but have you been reading the news carefully coming out of the border states? Probably not! There have actually been Mexican militay excursions into the US in what appear to be helping of illegals to cross the border.

So I'll ask the question are, bearing witness to the largest case of entryism the world has ever seen? What will come of this movement? Will there be a war? Can non-Americans actually force those that represent US taxpayers to create laws that help illegals? If it succeeds, what is next for this country?

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