A Little Too Late…

Cynthia McKinney is trying to prevent a severe fine and possible jail time for striking a Capital Officer last week.

McKinney has once again tried to use race as an issue where race did not play any part in the actions that transpired. When she thought this was a great way to grab media attention she called out that it all related to her color but now the heat is on she is willing to offer this apology.

She was in the wrong. Her Democratic colleagues have not joined her battle and members of the Black Caucus are distancing themselves. So what is she to do? Give up!

The Federal Prosecutor has convened a grand jury and will likely charge her by early next week.

Cynthia, you were wrong to accuse this officer of racism. You now have to face the consequences of your actions. No apology at this point will make things right. Your choice is simple plead guilty when the charges are issued, pay the fine, and do your time.

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