Visiting “Granola Country”

I just got back from a visiting the great state of Washington. I flew into Seattle and got to drive across half of the state and I have to say I was amazed by something.

There was a large number of Toyota Prius’s on the road.

While this shouldn’t have surprised me since I was in the “Granola State” it did and here is why:

In the news we are continually hearing how the federal government needs to step in and do something to curb the rising cost of gasoline and how the oil companies are “gouging” us at the pump and yet here in the “grunge capitol” of the world capitalism is making its mark. People, such as me, have realized that they are spending too much on gasoline and opted to buy a vehicle that is more fuel efficient. They spent the extra money to buy a car that can get 50+ miles to the gallon…this is how capitalism works. Market forces will move this country to produce and build new alternatives to the gasoline engine. Once the technology and the price is equivalent to what is currently available people will be willing to buy them. Up until now gasoline has been cheap so the demand for alternative energy hasn’t been there.

Now, based on what I saw in Washington State, maybe we don’t have to wait for Washington D.C. to do something: People are already making a monumental shift!

Here is the Prius:

Here is the Escape Hybrid: I own this one!!!

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