Welcome to Hicksville.

We here in Caledonia had an opportunity to elect a board that saw the future for Caledonia. In stead we got a board that wants us to stay a backwater community.

The ‘Save Don’t Pave’ group created fear of development and elected a group of trustees that want to keep the taxes high and allow development to take place in Mt. Pleasant and Oak Creek. We spent 4 years going through the neighborhood planning I was hoping to see it put to good use. We just elected a trustee that only wants 5 acre lots in Caledonia and where does she think we are going to get the money to keep the lights on in the Village. We need to allow farmers to develop some of their land for commercial uses…if we follow the plan it will work. I don’t want to see the whole community “Paved” but if we do things right we could be an example to the rest of the communities around us.

I wish the best of luck to Delagrave and Wanggaard…they are going to have a heck of a time working with this board.

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