Do sanctions work?

The US is close to getting a deal in the Security Council of the UN that would put place sanctions on Iran unless they stop enriching uranium. (Link)

The question is: do sanctions work?

If we start by looking at this question from what effect it had on Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan one can not honestly say that sanctions work!

What happens is simple those in power continue to wield their power by usurping those that are less fortunate in the country. While these powerful men are riding the backs of the downtrodden they continually point out that the UN (or in most cases the US) is primarily responsible for their pain since we are the ones who imposed the sanctions. This causes hatred. Of the UN, the US, and anyone else that agrees with the policy.

Then once the sanctions are lifted the powerful continue to steal from those that need the help so that the hatred grows because we have now said we would help but no help comes to them; they blame us.

However if we look at sanctions as a military move then sanctions work…sort of.

From a strategic point of view sanctions weaken a county by deflating the people of the county. Without outside assistance very few counties, especially developing counties, could sustain itself with food and materials for defense. This weakened country would be primed for attack.

This strategy can backfire though. Weakened people filled with hate can and many times do fight to their ultimate death to defend what they believe. Their deaths then become war cries for those that follow their same cause…kind of sound like what we have right now in the Middle East doesn’t it?

Iran is a problem for the world…but sanctions are not the answer.

…Next topic is “who should have nuclear weapons?”…

2 comments to "Do sanctions work?"

  • No sanctions do not work. They will just find somebody ealse to what ever from. Some of our so called aillies should be stepping in with us for a military stop to all who have nuclear weapons. So to answer your last question i don't feel if any one should have nuclear weapons. Not us not anyone. Its very hypocritical for us to have some but we tell every one else whos a threat not to have any. But I guess thats part of politics can't do anything about that. But we should do what we preach!

  • Really does the UN work??? NO they are as nutured as the dog you get from the shelter.

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