Gwen Moore is Wrong!

No surprises here Congressman Gwen Moore has entrenched herself in the FAR LEFT wing of the Democratic party hoping that illegal voting for Democrats will keep her in office.

You all know Gwen Moore she is the mother of the son who was a willing participant in the biggest attempt at voter intimidation in Wisconsin’s recent history. Unlike the Democratic Party I understand the word disenfranchisement and voter ID does not fit the bill. Disenfranchise means to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity…requiring ID DOES not deprive someone of a right but preserves the rights of those that vote!!!

Congressman Moore is upset by H.R. 4844 which would require people to prove who they say they are. Somehow she feels that this would dissuade people from voting…and in a true Lefty style she claims fear that the “elderly, disabled, poor, students, and ethnic minorities” would be unlikely to vote!

She further goes on to point to Georgia’s Voter ID Law has just been deemed unconstitutional…you know she’s right!! But I guess just like most Lefties that don’t want to make things better she failed to read why the Georgia Law was deemed unconstitutional. You see Georgia’s Law required all citizens to get a State ID card at a cost. This is being considered a ‘poll tax’ and is not right.

H.R. 4844, and by the way a similar bill here in Wisconsin, has been amended with the following provision that allows people unable to pay for the ID to still receive the ID…again I guess she just doesn’t read the bills before spouting off.

Sec. 3 (a)(4)(B)(ii) the State may not charge a fee to any individual who provides an attestation that the individual is unable to afford the fee.

So here a few questions:

When will Democrats learn what words mean?

Why are the Democrats so afraid of having to show photo ID?

Do all Democrats fail to read the Bill’s they are going to vote on?

1 comments to "Gwen Moore is Wrong!"

  • I had to show photo ID to pick up my sons xrays from the hospital.
    I have to show photo ID to buy alcohol.
    I have to show photo ID to cash a check.
    I have to show photo ID just to get home.

    Should I be protesting?
    How dare "the man" try to keep me down. How dare someone ask me to prove who I say I am.
    I know that its all because I am a lil white girl from Wisconsin, and we are poor.
    One of these days things will become just and fair and everyone will just take me at my word when I tell them, "Yes I am Angelina Jolie."

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