Why do I read this crap?

While perusing the political sites I always find time to read some of the items on RealClearPolicitcs.com and today was no exception. Now I know that all of these items are not going to have my point of view on the world and I also know that there are a few writers that I really should stay away from but I just can’t seem to help myself!!

Today in the Guardian Noam Chomsky has an article titled “Their View of the World is Through a Bombsite” and I of course had to read this drivel.

Noam, who I do believe is intelligent, is quite mad! He states that the latest Israel – Hezbollah conflict was a “US-Israeli invasion of Lebanon, with only a cynical pretence to legitimacy.” He completely ignores that fact the Hezbollah actually started the conflict and Israel retaliated…not the US!

He continues to do what all good liberals do tie this conflict to something different and states that the real reason for this recent “assault is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” ASSAULT?!?! Excuse me Mr. Chomsky? I do believe that if Hezbollah would have not bombed Israel there would not have been an “assault” on them. The only people that were assaulted here was the Israelis! And what does any of this have to do with the Palestinians? Are you implying that they are complicit with Hezbollah? Should there be another attack on Israel from Hezbollah should the Israelis “assault” Palestine as well as Lebanon?

Finally Noam puts it all out there:

“It is no secret that Israel has helped to destroy secular Arab nationalism and to create Hizbullah and Hamas, just as US violence has expedited the rise of extremist Islamic fundamentalism and jihadi terror.”

It’s no secret huh? Well I would beg to differ. The only people that believe this crap are the same people that believe if they die with a bomb strapped to their chest and kill innocent civilians, including women and children, that God will grant them 72 virgins for doing this “holy act.” This statement is nothing but garbage meant to drive reasonably sane people like me nuts!

“US violence has expedited the rise of extremist Islamic…” What violence would that be Mr. Chomsky? In your article you point to the invasion of Iraq but that is a bogus example since these “terrorists” have been around longer than this. Remember 9/11, USS Cole, the attacks on the US embassies…the list goes on. The only thing that “US violence” will create is a safer world for everyone but terrorists in the end.

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