An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Below is an e-mail that I (and many others) recently received from my friend Pam…I know that you will think her comments insightful. Thank you Pam for allowing me to post your comments!

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I think we're going about this GTMO situation all wrong. Many of you know that little old me (when I was about 30 pounds littler and a couple of years younger) used to run and provide prisoner medical care to those residing in the International Detention facilities in GTMO. Now granted we didn't have the mid-easterners but we did have some arsonists, rapists, murderers, drug dealers (from other countries who got to close to our little base and got to stay for a visit) as well as political prisoners awaiting repatriation to their home country and Haitians. BTW, they received a medical visit seven days a week and not only did they have emergency room access 24/7 (on the taxpayers dime) I was on call for them 24/7, in addition to my other duties at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Cuba (which trust me, there were many others that took up more time than my work at the brig).

Now that I have established my self proclaimed expertise in the facilities at "Club Gitmo" I have some viable suggestions to help the situation with the detainees that would be beneficial to them as well as to the American taxpayers.

Eliminate the trained military police guards and interrogators. Replace them with Americans who understand what it is to be a freedom fighter. My recommendations for these positions are:

For Leadership:

Senator McCain -- who was shot down because he decided to take a plane that was not combat ready into combat, cause he was cool enough to work around the deficiencies.

Senator Kerry -- who, a very decorated war hero who put himself in for each and every medal he received (gosh...I'd have more than I do now if I had done that) and of course made it a point to look after his fellow veterans remaining on the battle front and even better care of those prisoners of the NVA.

Senator Kennedy -- although he's never done time in the military, nor been to Iraq to visit our trips--he likes to champion causes for the those who are like himself whether they have money or not.

Senator Cleland -- a triple amputee (friendly grenade that he tried to pick up that went off) who was the Head of the Veterans Administration under Jimmy Carter.

President Carter -- yes the man who once commanded a sub (on it's way to dry dock-the sub garage for over-haul) and worked diligently to keep our hostages in Iran safe until Ronald Regan could negotiate their release (the night Ron took office for the first time--amazing what had been set up for that to happen). and remember he negotiated a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that got the Egyptian PM killed and never did provide safety for the Jewish people, but it did help him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

The Reverend Jessie Jackson -- Although he is not of the same denomination as the prisoners...he has tremendous expertise at compromising Christian Values and the Jewish/Christian Scriptures, and should be able to learn enough of the Islamic Religion to provide adequate spiritual guidance to the detainees. (Shucks, he may even just convert over when he finds out that many of the things he supports, such as mistresses, are encouraged in the Koran)

Mrs. Ted Turner (aka: Jane Fonda) -- This woman knows what it means to loose a loved one simply for attaining some unpopular spiritual beliefs, not sure where she's put them these days.

Cindy Sheehan -- Another empathic individual who believes in loving her enemies and doing harm to those who love and protect you.

Mikie Moore -- Insightful and creative, is able to take truth, build a story around it so unusually that the truth simply disappears.

General Powell -- Probably the best man on the planet to handle the daily and special Public Affairs needs of the "Club" Has worn a Soldiers uniform, has decades of political experience, and is a native of NYC.

For the Daily scutt work:

The Socialist Hollywood Elite -- to do the daily guarding and caring for the poor mistreated detainees at my former home. Hope they don't mind being surrounded by mine fields on one side and shark infested water on the other three.

These folks can make up their own rules as they go along until they arrive at a combination that works for their value set. They can even have that entire side of GTMO and allow the prisoners to roam about and get out of those air conditioned cells and play in the tropical sun.

Well that's my dime.

Pamela A. Mundling
Chief Independent Duty Corpsman-Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
United States Navy, Retired
( Former Pentagon Staffer and Vet of our First Middle East Visit in the 90's)
family of Most High God

community of evolved embryo's
republican party of kenosha county
kenosha county republican women
kenosha chamber of commerce
kenosha womens network
pre-paid legal casualty, incus coast guard auxiliary
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