I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but WOW!

A number States have enacted parental notification laws for abortions preformed on minors. As with any law people find ways around them. In this case, since not all states have parental notification, some minors will cross state lines and have abortions preformed in states without notification.

Senate Bill 403 would make it a crime for someone to transport a minor over state lines to “abridge the right of the parent under the law.” Additionally this bill would make it a crime for a Doctor to perform an abortion on a minor from a state with parental notification without proper notification.

In what I would consider a stunningly big mistake 153 congressmen decided that interstate trafficking of minors for the purpose of obtaining abortions without parental consent is OK!

The 4 Democratic congressmen from Wisconsin (Baldwin, Moore, Obey, & Petri) all feel that parent’s rights are nullified when it comes to the right of a minor to seek an abortion.

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