Who Should Have Nuclear Weapons?

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki there was quite a debate about the building and use of nuclear weapons. But as they say once the genie is out of the bottle there is very little you can do to put it back!

We were the first to create such a massive and devastating weapon and the only one to ever have used it. Since its development in the States many counties have followed…most using their own resources and knowledge to make these devices. A few have obtained the technology through less than intelligent ways just as any thug can find a cheap weapon of choice on the street corner.

Nuclear weapons in their current form can do more damage than anything we have ever seen. We developed and weaponized nuclear material and stockpiled them to defeat the USSR and in the process have become the sole super power in the world. While we are no longer in the production of these weapons we still have enough to ‘do in’ most of the world.

The question at hand though is who should have the ability to develop and have these powerful weapons?

Many, mainly those here in the states, claim that the US is being hypocritical by having these weapons and not allowing other countries to develop similar armaments. Others claim that while we posses these weapons we are monitored by self regulated non-proliferation treaties and we do allow countries to develop this technology just look at India and Pakistan. The real issue at hand is the US stepping in to prevent an extremist country like Iran/Korea from obtaining these weapons.

Here is my opinion: I have no doubt that if Iran weaponizes nuclear material, based on information that they have obtained, not developed, they will use their new weapon as they have others (look up their use of chemical weapons during the Iran/Iraq war) and in the process kill millions.

I believe that the US should not stand in the way of Iran developing nuclear technology. If they use said technology, as I’m sure they will they must understand that the US will have no choice but to use the same weapon to eliminate their entire country and all of its contents without any second chances or remorse.

Nuclear weapons are here to stay and until all countries (and people) are able to understand the effect of ‘mutual annihilation’ there will always be a threat to our safety.

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