“Editorial: The board was wrong”

This is the headline I was greeted with when I went to the Journal Sentinel Editorial webpage today.

Could this be true?!?!

I read it twice and I’d encourage all to read it as well. (Link)

The facts in the Green PAC money case are simple. Mark Green transferred money from his federal campaign to his state campaign before the state elections board made a ruling that such transfers were inappropriate.

This type of transfer has been allowed before; when Doyle brought up similar accusations of Tom Barrett the SEB acknowledged that this was allowable. Now with Doyle’s cronies on the SEB they decide to rewrite the ruling they made to make it retroactive!! This is simply WRONG!

I am glad to see that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is willing to acknowledge that this is just a case of Doyle cronyism and not a real ruling from the SEB.

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