More “Junk Science” at your service

In the latest attempt to prove that the world is truly coming to an end due to “global warming” Chris Thomas of the University of York is actually claiming, and the dutiful news media is reporting, that "If the most extreme warming predicted takes place we will be going back to global temperatures not seen since the age of the dinosaur." He continues by stating that we may be on the “edge of a wave of mass extinctions.”

Here is the problem with his argument and the many like his that come forward every few years…Could Mr. Thomas tell us what the average temperature was in 9,998,000 BC? How about in 1,000 BC? 1130 AD? 1492 AD? What about 1776? Could he explain what appears to have been a warming trend in the mid-thirteenth century?

See, the problem with the “scientific facts” that he is scaring people with is that we have only been recording temperatures for about 100+ years!!!

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