On this day we remember those we have lost, friends, co-workers, family, and fellow Americans. Let us remember them and not lose sight of what was done to them.

Why I refuse to forget:

2 comments to "I WILL NEVER FORGET!"

  • be greatful that you don't have children big brother.
    the hardest thing I have had to do is explain to my older two what happened.
    imagine having explaining to a 5 and 4 year old why the buildings were on fire, and people on the news were crying, why every channel had the asme thing on.
    reassuring mom that I would not be called back to service because my obligation would be complete by Nov '01 and that I was probably safer than she was.
    telling BJs dad that this did indeed mean war and we would let him know the moment we heard anything

    last night i taped the 9/11 documentary done by the french brothers, and I watched some of it with my older two this morning. explaining to them as it went along where I was and where they were when it all happened. they understand the importance of the day but i could see in their faces that they still don't understand why or how that could have happened here.

  • Well mmmmm. I'll never forget, But I also won't watch any of the shows they have on TV, or even in the rentel stores United 93, 9/11 commision ect.... What happend was very tragic personally, No we where not there my wifes mother was 1 block away when the first plane struck.

    But I just can not believe how every station on tv had something to do with 9/11 that was crazy and they need to stop. Theres no one ever going to forget what happend but not everyone wants to watch 9/11 shows. maybe next year they'll get the drift, For a monday night I tripled my revenue because every one was coming in saying they had no earge to watch 9/11 all over again.

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