Feingold Speaks Again…

“I call on the President to stop using the phrase “Islamic fascists”, a label that doesn’t make any sense, and certainly doesn’t help our effort to build a coalition of societies to fight terrorism,” Feingold said.

So what would you like us to call them?

Non-Christian retro-religious zealots?

Anti-Jewish non-Muslim fanatics?

How about people-of-Earth-with-a-mind-set-to-destroy-those-that-are-not-Muslim-but-who-are-not-true-Muslims-themselves?

Would any of those work for you Mr. Feingold?

These TERRORISTS are what they are…they are Muslims who believe that their God has instructed them to either convert or kill all non-believers and to use all means necessary to achieve this goal. This group is not just limited to al Qaeda; it has roots in Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO, just to name a few.

If Muslims would like us to stop calling these terrorists Islamic Fascists then it is up to the Islamic nations to clearly separate themselves from these radicals and for them, NOT some Jewish white guy from Wisconsin, denounce the use of this term.

Mr. Feingold, I am appalled that you represent me and the great state of Wisconsin. You are a shameful representation of what Wisconsin has to offer this country and the world. We live in a melting pot called America and you are suffering from the worst case of “White Guilt” I have ever seen.

Mr. Feingold, I’m waiting for you to tell us what we should call Muslims that are hell bent on conquering or destroying the world.

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  • it seems you know a lot of things but fascism is not a word that can be used by a president that admit not having read a book in all his life: it's a precise word, I'm italian and graduated in contemporary history: for example the lots of fascism we had, in german in japan in spain in portugal in Chile and argentina and Venezuela... any of these were muslim, but all christian but the japan. All of them were military based and not religion based, and most of them were helped by industrial forces frightened by the ghost of communism, much of them helped by the most industrialized country in the world...Mr Bush just as Mr Saddam and Mr Laden and MrBerlusconi are lucky till the day that exist people influenced by their personal interest as you are

  • My young Italian friend...First, President Bush HAS NEVER admitted to not reading a book...He admits to not watching TV news or reading the Newspaper.

    Secondly you would be correct about the use of fascist if that was the only word he use but the term used is Islamic Fascist. Additionally why would a word that means: a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition; be strictly meant for Christians…you yourself point out that Japan wasn’t Christian but has a Fascist leader!

    It is people like you that don’t read books, watch the news, and only believe in conspiracies that are a harm to the world.

  • The point here is Russ is a hate America first lose the war no matter the cost left wing moon bat.

    Oh and gop no point in trying to reason with who ever hablo really is.

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