A Democratic Landslide

I’ve been having a great time watching the Democrats talk a lot about the fall elections and there is a common theme…they think they are going to win. Not only do they think they are going to win they are predicting a 1994 style landslide!!

Here is a short list of reasons why the Democrats will not have a landslide year:

  1. Democrats do not have a plan for the war on terror.
  2. Democrats are yelling that our troops are spread too thin but the American people know that if Democrats are given control the military will be slashed further.
  3. The economy is moving in the right direction even though the Democrats predicted economic disaster if we got tax relief.
  4. The American people want strong leadership when it comes to issues of Illegal Aliens, Prevention of Terrorism, and Nuclear Proliferation and that leadership is sorely lacking on the Democratic side.
  5. Democrats lack basic economic sense when it comes to fuel pricing.
  6. They point to Right and say that they are corrupt while their own are accepting bribes on tape.
  7. How many minority candidates are the Democrats running for office? How about the Republicans?

That’s just for starters…if you have more I’ll add them to the list.

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Invisibility Cloak or Just More Cold Fusion?

If this story is true this could change the world forever!

Scientists Ponder Invisibility Cloak

Ah, the wonders of science…and Harry Potter!

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Great Commercial!!

From the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

For more visit www.cei.org

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The Referendum and Doyle?

I find it strange that Governor "Bingo" Jim Doyle has declared Racine “Capital for the Day” the same day as our school referendum.

Is this just a ploy to energize the liberal base and remind them to vote at the same time or am I just being a little paranoid?

Remember if voting for this referendum doesn’t raise our taxes…then voting against it will lower them!!!!!


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Does Anyone Really Care?

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So Will They Follow the Party?

The following resolution was adopted by the State Republican Delegation at this years State Convention:

WHEREAS, various proposals for light and commuter (METRA)rail systems in the Milwaukee-Kenosha corridor have been made in recent years, almost invariably at frightful cost to the taxpayers; and
WHEREAS, Southeastern Wisconsin does not have the density of population necessary for the economical operation of such a system; and
WHEREAS, the voters have demonstrated their opposition to light rail in referendum after referendum; and
WHEREAS, the voters have not been able to vote on the proposed METRA line; and
WHEREAS, most supporters of light and commuter rail do not intend to ride the rails themselves, but just want to get the other guys off the road, whether they like it or not:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in convention assembled, that no public funds be expended on light or commuter (METRA) rail in Wisconsin.

This same resolution passed our First Congressional Caucus unanimously. The most notable thing was that Representative Vos, County Executive (soon-to-be State Senator) McReynolds, and County Supervisor (soon-to-be State Representative) Wanggaard were in attendance and had no objection to this resolution.

So what is their real position on METRA? They have all said they support METRA but have not objected to the Republican Party resolution urging them not to and have voted for the resolution.

Where do they stand, with the taxpayers or with the special interest groups?

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Must be an Election Year...

Governor Doyle actually signed Senate Bill 286!! His office even released the following…of course it was buried in between 11 other bills.

Senate Bill 286 requires school health classes to emphasize that abstinence is the preferred behavior among students and that it is the most effective way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.

Governor Doyle thanked Senators Mary Lazich and Glenn Grothman, as well as Representatives Mark Gundrum and Garey Bies for their work on the bill.

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I’m Amazed…Not Really!

It looks like the Federal Trade Commission has determined that all the hype from the media about oil companies manipulating prices to gain their record profits is…(are you sitting down?)…FALSE.

Here is the press release at Reuters: LINK

Here is the release from the FTC: LINK

The FTC did however find 15 counts of what Section 632 calls “price gouging.” “Price Gouging” per Section 632 and this investigation was defined as “any finding that the average price of gasoline available for sale to the public in September, 2005, or thereafter in a market area located in an area designated as a State or National disaster area because of Hurricane Katrina, or in any other area where price-gouging complaints have been filed because of Hurricane Katrina with a Federal or State consumer protection agency, exceeded the average price of such gasoline in that area for the month of August, 2005.” While this is not TRUE price gouging it is in fact very wrong! The seven refiners, two wholesalers and six retailers that did this should be ashamed and fined.

I think the news media needs to give a public apology to the oil industry! I won’t be holding my breath!

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Too far?!?!

This might be taking things a bit too far but if it works...

Woman gets "DO NOT RESUSITATE" Tatto

...just think she's 80!!!

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It looks like we are finally headed in the right direction. We may have a national language in the next month…they are going to call it a “common and unifying language” but it will make English OUR language.

Harry Reid actually thinks this bill is “racist” but maybe Harry is too worried about offending someone instead of trying to preserve what we have as a country.

Here is the article.

Here is the bill.

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Why is Mexico hemorrhaging?

There is a curious aspect to the illegal alien debate that has gone unnoticed for the most part…Why is the Mexican government doing nothing to stem the tide of illegals crossing the border?

Lets look at the Mexican economy:

They have had modest growth in their GDP averaging 1.8% over the past 4 years.
Inflation was average at 4.9% over the past 4 years.
Their unemployment rate has been right around 4%.

Given that the economics of the country is good and that the population is not skyrocketing (only a 1.2% increase from 2001-2005), why then are so many people illegally coming to the US and the Mexican government looking the other way?

That answer is simple if you think about it. Many of the illegals that come here to the states leave behind family in Mexico. While their reasons for coming here may all differ one thing is for sure when they get here they find work. Now don’t be fooled by the news reports of aliens making substandard wages…while this happens occasionally it is not the norm. The norm is for illegals to acquire forged or stolen identities that allow them to be employed at reputable companies. This gives them standard wages at the low end of our wage scales (i.e. near or just above minimum wage.) Then many of the illegals send back a large portion of their earnings to Mexico. This allows their family to live comfortable lives.

Why would the Mexican Government not like this arrangement? The only disadvantage I can see I that they would not receive the income tax from those individuals working in the states but would be able to capitalize on other taxes by the increase in consumption of its citizens.

Perot warned us that NAFTA would cause a “giant sucking sound” from all our money heading south of the border. While he wasn’t quite right on the reasons the end result is true!

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Can you hear me now?

I think this sums it up pretty well.

The job the NSA was given…signed into law by Bill Clinton…is to compile which numbers are communicating with which numbers. This way if a tragic event happens it is possible for us to track all the people the ‘bad guy’ was talking with. Didn’t anyone ever wonder how we caught up to Zacarias Moussaoui?

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Doyle throws a punch…

I’m not sure but it sounds like Doyle is trying to blame Bush by saying since he took office 12 million illegal aliens have come into this country. Judge for yourself:

“It’s clear that President Bush has failed when it comes to securing America’s borders, which is an urgent national concern especially given the threat of terrorism. The Bush Administration has consistently overlooked and underfunded the border patrol, and now our country is paying the consequences.” Jim Doyle May 15, 2006

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The Referendum…again!

I was recently sent this from the Young Professionals of Racine. It is open to the public but be sure to RSVP...RAMAC is looking for a headcount.

Be in the Know!

The RAMAC Education Committee invites you to attend a 1 hour presentation on the upcoming School Referendum.

School board members and business leaders will discuss the issues that are involved in the referendum, where the money will be spent, and how past referendums were used. Please join us for this informative event:

Friday, May 19 at 8 am at RAMAC, 300 5th Street

RSVP call RAMAC at 634-1931.

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In my e-mail on Saturday…

Work vs. Prison...

Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this should make things a little bit clearer.

IN PRISON.....you spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell.
AT WORK.....you spend the majority of your time in an 8X8 cubicle.
IN PRISON.....you get three meals a day.
AT WORK.....you get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it.
IN PRISON.....you get time off for good behavior.
AT WORK.....you get more work for good behavior.
IN PRISON.....your guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you.
AT WORK.....you must often carry a security card and open all the doors for yourself.
IN PRISON.....you can watch TV and play games.
AT WORK.....you could get fired for watching TV and playing games.
IN PRISON.....you get your own toilet.
AT WORK.....you have to share the toilet with some people who pee on the seat.
IN PRISON.....your family and friends are allowed to visit.
AT WORK.....you aren't even supposed to speak to your family.
IN PRISON.....your expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required.
AT WORK.....you work and pay taxes that are used to pay for prisoners' expenses.
IN PRISON.....you get free medical care and all drugs are free.
AT WORK.....you must contribute to your medical insurance, if you have any, you must also pay the deductible, co-payments, and pay for any drugs needed.
IN PRISON.....you spend most of your life inside bars wanting to get out.
AT WORK.....you spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars.
IN PRISON.....you must deal with sadistic wardens.
AT WORK.....you must deal with sadistic managers

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The H-Prize

Congress really wants to move us away from oil and is working to motivate the private sector into creating the technology to get us out of the oil dependant state we are in.

Congress has created the H-Prize (H.R. 5143) similar to the X-prize for first civilian spaceflight this prize will be offered to people or companies that produce Hydrogen technologies.

You can win an H-Prize in one of the following categories:

  • advancements in components or systems related to--hydrogen production; hydrogen storage; hydrogen distribution; and hydrogen utilization;
  • prototypes of hydrogen-powered vehicles or other hydrogen-based products that best meet or exceed objective performance criteria, such as completion of a race over a certain distance or terrain or generation of energy at certain levels of efficiency; and
  • transformational changes in technologies for the distribution or production of hydrogen that meet or exceed far-reaching objective criteria, which shall include minimal carbon emissions and which may include cost criteria designed to facilitate the eventual market success of a winning technology.

The awards can be very lucrative…for advancements an award can not exceed $1,000,000. For Prototypes the awards can not exceed $4,000,000. The Transformational Change Technology prize is in the sum of $100,000,000 with a maximum cash payment of $10,000,000.

Will this spur Hydrogen technology? We can hope!

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Bush and his ratings…

I’m getting sick and tired of hearing the latest polls that say we are unhappy with the President.

What can we expect when for weeks we report how bad Bush is doing then at the end of the time period we poll the viewers of the news?

My favorite poll is the one that says 13% of the people approve of the way Bush is handling the gas prices!!! WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF GAS!???!?!?

It is time for the President to start talking about how well the economy is doing and do something real on immigration!!

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Nevada vs. Utah

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Political Comic

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So What He Really is Saying…

Last night the State Assembly passed a resolution that would allow the people of Wisconsin to vote on an advisory referendum this fall regarding the death penalty.

I’ll speak to this referendum at a later date but for now I’d like to focus on a release from Rep. Towns’ office. In this release he explains why he voted for the advisory referendum stating “I did not feel it was right to deny my constituents the opportunity to weigh in on this topic.”

But the fun part is what is next:

“Advance polling shows that a majority of Wisconsinites would approve a reverse in our state’s death penalty policy.

I want to go on record that I would not support any future proposal to statutorily reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin.”

So I’d like to ask Rep. Towns, so you are willing to hear from your constituents but not vote for them? If your constituents overwhelmingly vote for the death penalty will you then vote for it or are you only serving your constituents when you feel like it?
What are you really saying here Rep. Towns?

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Minimum Markup Law

It looks as though the Republicans are going to do the right thing and repeal the Minimum Markup Law for gasoline. (SB 215)

For those that may not know what this law is, it was a State mandate that prohibited “loss leaders” and required gas stations to mark up their fuel 9.18% above their cost. Additionally the law required wholesale dealers of motor fuel to mark up their product by 3%.

With Governor Doyle crying over oil companies making money will he do the right thing and sign this bill into law? If not, what does that say about “Diamond” Jim?

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"America, you lost. ... I won."

Those hateful words were uttered by Moussaoui as he was lead out of the courtroom… I think the Jury made the right decision and he will get what he deserves in prison.

The jurors determined that the role Moussaoui played in 9/11 was limited at best but found that he "knowingly created a grave risk of death" for more people. They also determined that he was not mentally ill…Thank God for a jury pool that was not swayed by the defense!!

The AP Story

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China…the coming storm?!?!

With all the hype made by the media about gas prices and if the oil companies are actually “gouging” us here in the States they have over looked the BIG story. China is growing!!

We are not talking about population growth here we are talking about economics people. China is the largest country, in terms of population, in the world. While most of us here in a first world country look to China as a source of cheap labor things are changing fast.

China’s growth is a dominant factor to think about when you hear about rising gas prices.

Here is a snap shot of China over the last decade from the CBO:

  • Personal incomes: Have doubled
  • Number of passenger vehicles: Have more than doubled
  • Number of farm vehicles: Have more than doubled
  • Miles of Road: More than doubled
  • Number of licensed drivers: Have more than tripled
  • China’s Domestic Petroleum Production: Increased around 16% in the last 10 years
  • Refined Petroleum Consumption: Has doubled

With these changes is it any wonder why the oil companies are doing so well? It still might not be too late to buy oil stocks!!!

More from the CBO on China’s Demand for Oil.

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The RINO/GOP Divide

Rep. Vos recently pointed out that there is a divide in the party, one in which optimism is losing out to pessimism.

Rep. Vos is wrong and may now be facing a conservative primary opponent in the fall elections.

It is not pessimism that has fractured the party it is the weak kneed approach that this Republican legislature has taken toward fighting for conservative values. There is a divide in the State GOP that is growing more and more prevalent every year. It is caused by truly conservative people like Rep. Vos who go out to Madison and get swept into the RINO division of the party. This segment of the party actually believes in things like governmental mandates and constitutional amendments that encourage spending increases.

The days of tax cuts, reductions in spending, and advancement of family values have been put away so that we can “work with the democratic Governor.”

The conservative agenda has been shelved and I think it is time that people like Robin Vos actually come out fight to cut the budget not place silly restrictions (with loopholes galore) on the ability to collect revenue.

Politics as usual is not the way to move this state forward.

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Tim Robbins…

Does Tim Robbins actually understand what he is saying? In a recent news conference (article covered here) he stated:

"Clinton lied about a blowjob, and got impeached by the media and Congress," Robbins said.

"(Bush) got us into (the Iraq) war based on lies that he knew were lies. ... His war has recruited more Al-Qaeda members than Osama bin Laden could ever have dreamed for ... yet no one in the media is calling for impeachment," he said.
Tim’s first mistake is to defend a person who lied under oath in a court of law and Congress…that is why Clinton was impeached not because of a blowjob!

Secondly, there is a small problem with Tim’s view of the past…if Bush lied about Iraq, then so did Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry, Hillary, and a whole host of other countries including those that opposed our intervention, namely France and Russia. They all saw the same information and all came to the same conclusions but only Bush was courageous enough to act on the information.

Additionally, I find it very curious how he knows that the Iraqi War has recruited more al Qaeda. Is he a member al Qaeda? Maybe we should immediately move to revoke his citizenship and allow him to hang out with his pal Osama; maybe it will give him some perspective.

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Does this Surprise Anyone?

While I find this fact horrifying, it did not surprise me…Poll Shows Many Can’t Find La. on Map.

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Profit Margins

If you think the oil companies are over charging why not look at the profit margins of a few well known companies and decide for your self:

Microsoft 30.80%
Coka-Cola 21.09%
JP Mogan Chase 15.56%
Colgate-Palmolive 11.88%
GE 10.92%
Exxon 9.75%
Kellog’s 9.63%
BP Amaco 8.96%
Kraft 7.72%
Conoco 7.38%
Chevron 7.11%
Sara Lee 3.73%
Ford 1.14%

Just putting things into perspective…
I’ll keep working on this, you keep reading.

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