Too good not to steal: Which side is pro-choice, again?

H/T Elliot at From Where I Sit

Same Sex Marriage
To Keep and Bear Arms
Buy health insurance
Wear motorcycle helmet
Smoke in public
Buy incandescent bulbs*

These are just off the top of my head. I plan to repost this chart in the future. Let me know if you think any of the line items are unfair or if you think some should be added on either side.
*Yes, I know George W. Bush signed the ban, but I don’t know a single conservative who is in favor of this

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Thought on this?

I saw this article over the weekend: Judge in Conn. to Decide If Cheerleading Is Sport  and remembered a post I saw recently that could help this Judge (see below and thanks to Biancolo)

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Obama's World Cup??


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Warning: The US Constitution may not be suitable for children under 13

This is a load of c$@%!!! 
I simply cannot believe that anyone would feel it necessary to place this warning on a copy of the Constitution and other important US historical documents.
Copy of the warning is shown below and check out the news story here: Publishing Company Under Fire for Putting Warning Label on Constitution

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Interesting thought process...

I personally thought that Hillary might leave the administration next year and begin a run for the White House herself.  But this is an interesting perspective:
Why Hillary Will Be On Obama's Ticket In 2012
By Liz Peek
Published June 09, 2010 |
While the country digests yesterday’s primaries, the White House political machine is undoubtedly working overtime on a more distant challenge – how to get President Obama reelected in 2012. 
Here’s a prediction: the Obama administration will bounce Joe Biden off the 2012 ticket, and invite Hillary Clinton to run in his stead. 
The move will aim to bolster Obama’s standing and provide some excitement among core Democrats – something that Biden fails to provide. Hillary will agree, because just four years later she will be superbly positioned to run for president – ever the rainbow on her personal horizon. 
At present, her polls are high, with 58% of voters viewing her at least somewhat favorably. 
Wistful Dems who wonder these days what could have been will tout her hard work and pragmatic diplomacy as she chases one impossible Obama pipe dream after another to all corners of the globe.

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In case anyone was wondering...


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Zepnick is right!!

In a press release by democrat legislator Josh Zepnick regarding the sentencing of a drunk driver to 30 months in prison, he states “Racine County Circuit Judge Stephen Simanek should be ashamed of himself, people should demand that Simanek publically explain his decision and hold him accountable.”
I would have to agree especially when you consider what Zepnick adds: “What is frightening is the total disrespect for justice that Simanek handed down yesterday.  Just recently, Judge Simanek issued a 3 year sentence for Racine Mayor Gary Becker.  While Becker’s actions are sick and destructive, Becker never killed anyone, yet he gets a longer sentence than someone who flew down the highway at 50mph and never stopped after killing a bicyclist!”
That is a great question…why would Becker get a stiffer (no pun intended) sentence than someone the was drunk, killed someone and fled a scene?
Something is truly wrong with the whole picture.

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RPW Billboard in Madison

Absolutely love it!!

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Swiped from Caledonia Unplugged

This is so true!
from CALEDONIA UNPLUGGED by Caledonia Unplugged
Racine Post is running an article today that, according to the Department of Workforce Development, Caledonia has the lowest unemployment rate in the state.

Here's my question: How could that possibly be true since we don't have commuter rail running through our community?”

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Holy Crap!!

I simply do not believe it…it just can’t be true!!
The way he has been going on about Walker you’d think that Neumann was the democrat!

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Water vapor…huh?

I've been telling people that it is only a matter of time before the environmental community woke up and realized that H2O is the #1 greenhouse gas.

NewScientist: Water vapour worse climate change villain than thought

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