So answer me this…

Yesterday I posted a link on Facebook and received a snotty comment from one of my liberal friends…”Faux News, where more people get their news...than probably should.

Now I know that the left has no respect for Fox News but for all of the claims about being biased here is why I use them as a news source.

Two news stories about the same thing…the deficit estimate is now $1.58 trillion for is from Fox News the other is directly from Reuters. Care to guess which is which?

U.S. deficit estimate to be trimmed to $1.58 trillion

Federal Deficit to Hit $1.58 Trillion This Year

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Friday Funnies

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Are you mad? Why not!??!

We are hearing and seeing that Americans are upset and venting at their elected officials in the news constantly…AND?!?!

I expect people to be mad and upset…that is life!

Here is what I am mad about:

  • How can you be out supporting a bill that YOU HAVE NOT READ?
  • And when questioned about what is in the bill the elected official says that it is right wing propaganda?


These men and women are our employees. We put them in office (even if we didn’t vote for them) and we can fire them.

Let the culling of the herd begin!!! 2010 is right around the corner!!!

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Does any one have Health Insurance anymore?

Back in May of 2007 I wrote a small piece for this blog called Redefining Insurance, in the piece I used the most simplistic terms to lay out the different between the Health Care plans we all have and Health Insurance.

Well it seems like I’m no longer alone in using this example: CSM: Why can't health insurance be more like auto insurance?

When will people wake up and realize that the governments idea is to pull us all into one large plan that they will administer…think about it like the Post Office or the DMV…long lines…”entitled employees”…and a constant drain on the taxpayers and the consumer.

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Name that Place

Jean got the last place I posted…it was Lockwood Park…but I will always call it Graceland Park!

Name this Place:

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Where have I been!?!

I know it has been a long time since I put anything up on this blog and for that I’m sorry.

There are times when you just don’t have the time or energy to post anything and the last 5 weeks were just that.

For 4 weeks I was on an audit in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (pop 200,000) and I have to say that it is a beautiful place to visit.

While I was in Canada I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of locals about the health care in Canada and what they all said is that the drugs are easy to come by but the procedures are not. I know that that is not the road that we should be heading down.

I think that there is a lot out there to talk about and I’m going to wade on in and get things rolling…will start with Name that Place and go from there. I mean it’s been 5 weeks I can’t just jump at this thing like I’ve not been away!

Hope you all are doing well and welcome back.

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