So answer me this…

Yesterday I posted a link on Facebook and received a snotty comment from one of my liberal friends…”Faux News, where more people get their news...than probably should.

Now I know that the left has no respect for Fox News but for all of the claims about being biased here is why I use them as a news source.

Two news stories about the same thing…the deficit estimate is now $1.58 trillion for is from Fox News the other is directly from Reuters. Care to guess which is which?

U.S. deficit estimate to be trimmed to $1.58 trillion

Federal Deficit to Hit $1.58 Trillion This Year

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  • tell your libbie friend that at least fox isnt editing and pontificating on a blatent lie like msnbsoon-to-be-out-of-business.
    and if he/she says they are, have 'em prove it.

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