DNC's New Chair?

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Name that Country

Last weeks country was: Greenland!

Here is this weeks country:

Good luck!!

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A Psychological Barrier

11,722 is a number that the stock market has only seen once as a closing number and that was back in January of 2000. We have come close in recent days but can not seem to muster the strength to get past it. One begins to wonder if this barrier is nothing but a psychological one.

Since 2000 we have seen our world change before our eyes.

We saw a weakening economy in 2000. The tech bubble burst in 2000-2001. Scandals plague top companies like Worldcom, Enron, and Tyco. The change in how business report to their share holders.

Then 9/11.

We faced a recession on top of the terrorist attacks. Republicans swiftly passed across the board income tax cuts, elimination of the marriage tax penalty, and a phase out of the estate tax. We saw unemployment rates reach levels that hadn’t been seen in decades. Government spending at unprecedented levels. Oil prices, and by default gas prices, at all time highs here at home.

All of this has happened in just 6 short years. America did not fall but we did take a step back. Our economy has gained its momentum back. Now we are growing again but the market seems stalled at the precipice…do we take that next step?

America is resilient. Our markets are strong. We are back.

But can we over come the mental barrier and bust through 11,722?

I think we will find out by the end of the month…if not the end of the week.

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The media and political pundits have had a field day over the classified memo that was leaked the other day. Their reasons are obvious; they hate that we are in Iraq. So they have clung on to that one sentence and, just like President Bush’s 16 little words, it will be proven in the end to be only half of the story.

Here is the sentence that has all of the anti-war nuts in a frenzy:

The Iraq conflict has become the “cause celebre” for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters forthe global jihadist movement.

That sentence alone could be damaging to our efforts to root out the terrorists throughout the world because in effect it states that by our own actions we are encouraging the behavior we are trying to stop.

But you have to remember the people that analyze this type of stuff don’t just stop at the simple answer they probe deeper…our reporters and Democrats stop when they see what they want.

The very next sentence…not the next paragraph but the next sentence states:

Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, and be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.

While I do not believe the President should declassify memos to prove the media right or wrong, I think that this was the right move. People need to understand that our fight with terrorism is not over until these people are more than demoralized; it ends when they are dead.

Here is more of the declassified memo that defends the “staying the course” strategy:

Al-Qa’ida, now merged with Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi’s network, is exploiting the situation in Iraq to attract new recruits and donors and to maintain its leadership role.
  • The loss of key leaders, particularly Usama Bin Ladin, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and al-Zarqawi, in rapid succession, probably would cause the group to fracture into smaller groups. Although like-minded individuals would endeavor to carry on the mission, the loss of these key leaders would exacerbate strains and disagreements. We assess that the resulting splinter groups would, at least for a time, pose a less serious threat to US interests than does al-Qa’ida.
  • Should al-Zarqawi continue to evade capture and scale back attacks against
    Muslims, we assess he could broaden his popular appeal and present a global threat.
  • The increased role of Iraqis in managing the operations of al-Qa’ida in Iraq might lead veteran foreign jihadists to focus their efforts on external operations.

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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but WOW!

A number States have enacted parental notification laws for abortions preformed on minors. As with any law people find ways around them. In this case, since not all states have parental notification, some minors will cross state lines and have abortions preformed in states without notification.

Senate Bill 403 would make it a crime for someone to transport a minor over state lines to “abridge the right of the parent under the law.” Additionally this bill would make it a crime for a Doctor to perform an abortion on a minor from a state with parental notification without proper notification.

In what I would consider a stunningly big mistake 153 congressmen decided that interstate trafficking of minors for the purpose of obtaining abortions without parental consent is OK!

The 4 Democratic congressmen from Wisconsin (Baldwin, Moore, Obey, & Petri) all feel that parent’s rights are nullified when it comes to the right of a minor to seek an abortion.

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So why is the supposed “leaking” of a name of an agent, which was not in harms way, a bad thing and leaking classified intelligence reports ok?

Where is the media’s outrage that people are not being charged for leaking National Intelligence Estimates?

Will the media call for the termination of the person or persons that leaked this information the same way the demanded Bush fire Rove when they thought he had leaked the information on Valerie Plame?

My guess is no.

Great article relating to this:

Secrets for Sale – Cheap
By Ralph Peters

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I just don’t care…

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54 POINTS TO GO!!!!!

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Green Ad Hits the Spot

The new Green ad is hard hitting and just what Green needed to do.

Click logo for Ad.

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November Referenda

This November we here in Wisconsin will face 2 referendums, one is advisory only while the other will amend the State constitution.

I thought that I’d post the wording here so that we can discuss this in the near future.

The Marriage Amendment will amend the state of Wisconsin’s constitution:

Shall section 12 of article XIII of the constitution be created to provide that only marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state and that a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state?

The Death Penalty has been banned in Wisconsin since 1853…this is an advisory referendum only, which means that even if the state approves or denies this 100% the legislature can act as they see fit.

Should the death penalty be enacted in the State of Wisconsin for cases involving a person who is convicted of first-degree intentional homicide, if the conviction is supported by DNA evidence?

You can post what you want on these…I’ll express my opinion later.

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On Being Nice...

This is a great opinion piece by Deroy Murdock:

To encourage you to read it here is the final paragraph…it hits the nail on the head!

Throwing olive branches at Islamofascists is beyond futile. This is the war on terror, not the Summer Olympics on terror. If America won't fight this like a war — and win — we might as well cut our losses, hand out the Qurans, and start the mass conversions.

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Name that Country

Last weeks country was: New Zealand

Please post your answer to this weeks country...if you look it up please do not post what it is!

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Ann Coulter on Torture

Here is an opinion piece by Ann Coulter: Are Videotaped Beheadings Covered by Geneva?

She takes aim at McCain and crew as well as the Democratic Party since they wish to baby the enemy that isn’t even willing to fight a proper war. She points out that maybe we should throw away the Geneva Convention and “adopt Sharia law.”

Why is everyone upset with us and not those people…they are the ones torturing people that don’t conform?

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H.R. 4844

Our Wisconsin Delegation broke down like this:

4-4 right on party lines!

I guess it is true; most Democrats just don’t want clean elections.

The roll call.

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Gwen Moore is Wrong!

No surprises here Congressman Gwen Moore has entrenched herself in the FAR LEFT wing of the Democratic party hoping that illegal voting for Democrats will keep her in office.

You all know Gwen Moore she is the mother of the son who was a willing participant in the biggest attempt at voter intimidation in Wisconsin’s recent history. Unlike the Democratic Party I understand the word disenfranchisement and voter ID does not fit the bill. Disenfranchise means to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity…requiring ID DOES not deprive someone of a right but preserves the rights of those that vote!!!

Congressman Moore is upset by H.R. 4844 which would require people to prove who they say they are. Somehow she feels that this would dissuade people from voting…and in a true Lefty style she claims fear that the “elderly, disabled, poor, students, and ethnic minorities” would be unlikely to vote!

She further goes on to point to Georgia’s Voter ID Law has just been deemed unconstitutional…you know she’s right!! But I guess just like most Lefties that don’t want to make things better she failed to read why the Georgia Law was deemed unconstitutional. You see Georgia’s Law required all citizens to get a State ID card at a cost. This is being considered a ‘poll tax’ and is not right.

H.R. 4844, and by the way a similar bill here in Wisconsin, has been amended with the following provision that allows people unable to pay for the ID to still receive the ID…again I guess she just doesn’t read the bills before spouting off.

Sec. 3 (a)(4)(B)(ii) the State may not charge a fee to any individual who provides an attestation that the individual is unable to afford the fee.

So here a few questions:

When will Democrats learn what words mean?

Why are the Democrats so afraid of having to show photo ID?

Do all Democrats fail to read the Bill’s they are going to vote on?

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The Wall Street Journal: “The Path to Hysteria”

Today’s Opinion Journal had the following article written by Cyrus Nowrasteh screen writer of “The Path to 9/11.”

The Path to Hysteria

I thought that “The Path to 9/11” was a very well done movie…it is amazing to me that we can not call this a documentary but “Fahrenheit 9/11” is considered one!!!

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Below is an e-mail that I (and many others) recently received from my friend Pam…I know that you will think her comments insightful. Thank you Pam for allowing me to post your comments!

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I think we're going about this GTMO situation all wrong. Many of you know that little old me (when I was about 30 pounds littler and a couple of years younger) used to run and provide prisoner medical care to those residing in the International Detention facilities in GTMO. Now granted we didn't have the mid-easterners but we did have some arsonists, rapists, murderers, drug dealers (from other countries who got to close to our little base and got to stay for a visit) as well as political prisoners awaiting repatriation to their home country and Haitians. BTW, they received a medical visit seven days a week and not only did they have emergency room access 24/7 (on the taxpayers dime) I was on call for them 24/7, in addition to my other duties at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Cuba (which trust me, there were many others that took up more time than my work at the brig).

Now that I have established my self proclaimed expertise in the facilities at "Club Gitmo" I have some viable suggestions to help the situation with the detainees that would be beneficial to them as well as to the American taxpayers.

Eliminate the trained military police guards and interrogators. Replace them with Americans who understand what it is to be a freedom fighter. My recommendations for these positions are:

For Leadership:

Senator McCain -- who was shot down because he decided to take a plane that was not combat ready into combat, cause he was cool enough to work around the deficiencies.

Senator Kerry -- who, a very decorated war hero who put himself in for each and every medal he received (gosh...I'd have more than I do now if I had done that) and of course made it a point to look after his fellow veterans remaining on the battle front and even better care of those prisoners of the NVA.

Senator Kennedy -- although he's never done time in the military, nor been to Iraq to visit our trips--he likes to champion causes for the those who are like himself whether they have money or not.

Senator Cleland -- a triple amputee (friendly grenade that he tried to pick up that went off) who was the Head of the Veterans Administration under Jimmy Carter.

President Carter -- yes the man who once commanded a sub (on it's way to dry dock-the sub garage for over-haul) and worked diligently to keep our hostages in Iran safe until Ronald Regan could negotiate their release (the night Ron took office for the first time--amazing what had been set up for that to happen). and remember he negotiated a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that got the Egyptian PM killed and never did provide safety for the Jewish people, but it did help him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

The Reverend Jessie Jackson -- Although he is not of the same denomination as the prisoners...he has tremendous expertise at compromising Christian Values and the Jewish/Christian Scriptures, and should be able to learn enough of the Islamic Religion to provide adequate spiritual guidance to the detainees. (Shucks, he may even just convert over when he finds out that many of the things he supports, such as mistresses, are encouraged in the Koran)

Mrs. Ted Turner (aka: Jane Fonda) -- This woman knows what it means to loose a loved one simply for attaining some unpopular spiritual beliefs, not sure where she's put them these days.

Cindy Sheehan -- Another empathic individual who believes in loving her enemies and doing harm to those who love and protect you.

Mikie Moore -- Insightful and creative, is able to take truth, build a story around it so unusually that the truth simply disappears.

General Powell -- Probably the best man on the planet to handle the daily and special Public Affairs needs of the "Club" Has worn a Soldiers uniform, has decades of political experience, and is a native of NYC.

For the Daily scutt work:

The Socialist Hollywood Elite -- to do the daily guarding and caring for the poor mistreated detainees at my former home. Hope they don't mind being surrounded by mine fields on one side and shark infested water on the other three.

These folks can make up their own rules as they go along until they arrive at a combination that works for their value set. They can even have that entire side of GTMO and allow the prisoners to roam about and get out of those air conditioned cells and play in the tropical sun.

Well that's my dime.

Pamela A. Mundling
Chief Independent Duty Corpsman-Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
United States Navy, Retired
( Former Pentagon Staffer and Vet of our First Middle East Visit in the 90's)
family of Most High God

community of evolved embryo's
republican party of kenosha county
kenosha county republican women
kenosha chamber of commerce
kenosha womens network
pre-paid legal casualty, incus coast guard auxiliary
and several other great organizations
authorization pending, but not hopeful

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Article 3

We have been hearing a lot of “facts” about what the President would like to see as far as Congress’ review of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. What has been missing in all of the news coverage is the actual wording of Article 3.

Here is the unedited version of Article 3:

In the case of armed conflict not of an international character occurring in the territory of one of the High Contracting Parties, each Party to the conflict shall be bound to apply, as a minimum, the following provisions:

1. Persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of the armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all cases be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth of wealth, or any other similar criteria.

To this end the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons:

(a) violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

(b) taking of hostages;

(c) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;

(d) the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgement pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

2. The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for.

An impartial humanitarian body, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, may offer its services to the Parties to the conflict.The Parties to the conflict should further endeavor to bring into force, by means of special agreements, all or part of the other provisions of the present Convention.

The application of the preceding provisions shall not affect the legal status of the Parties to the conflict.

So what is it that the President wants?

Well you just read Article 3; did anything jump out to you?

The President would like a clearer definition of “(c) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;” This wording is very vague.

This section is so vague that no al Qaeda could be questioned by a female…this would be “humiliating and degrading” to them because of their religious belief.

What are we to do? We are facing an enemy that would do anything to destroy us and we have people that are more concerned about what others think of us than in stopping the enemy. The President is not asking Congress to completely throw out the convention just to define the vague statements within it.

We are not going to become a nation of terrorists, beheading those that disagree with us or bombing children in the name of our God, by defining our treatment of the enemy. This will give us the ability to show the whole world that the preservation of life as well as the protection of our country can co-exist.

We must urge Congress to detail out what Article 3 means.

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What a crock of crap!!!!

AP: Immigration raid cripples Ga. town

WOW!!! Our INS does its job down in GA and the politicians are complaining!!!

"This reminds me of what I read about Nazi Germany, the Gestapo coming in and yanking people up," Mayor Marilyn Slater said.

According to the article 120 illegal aliens were bussed out of the city and others ran away…and now the “Georgia community of about 1,000 people has become little more than a ghost town”

My favorite part was the idiot, Dave Robinson, who runs the trailer park said the following:

"These people might not have American rights, but they've damn sure got human rights," Robinson said. "There ain't no reason to treat them like animals."

Excuse me???

These illegals were handcuffed and placed on a bus headed for Atlanta…how is that being treated like and animal? Besides wouldn’t being used for labor with no laws protecting you since you are not a legal citizen worse!?!?!?

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What is being done in Gitmo?

Next time you hear about the “torture” being done to the detainees in Gitmo and our “secret prisons” think about this article. The incidents done at places like Abu Ghraib are exceptions to the rule not the status quo. Besides we could always treat these detainees that same way the radical Islamic Fascists do…place them in front of a camera and chop their heads off so their families can see.

I just could not do this article any justice by simply trying to rewrite it…you have to read it for your self. (Link) I found this at the NY Post online site.


September 15, 2006 -- GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA

ON the military plane back from America's most fa mous terrorist holding pen, the in-flight film was "V for Vendetta," a screed that tries to justify terrorism. It was a fitting end to a surreal, military-sponsored trip.

The Pentagon seemed to be hoping to disarm its critics by showing them how well it cares for captured terrorists. The trip was more alarming than disarming. I spent several hours with Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., who heads the joint task force that houses and interrogates the detainees. (The military isn't allowed to call them "prisoners.")

Harris, a distinguished Navy veteran who was born in Japan and educated at Annapolis and Harvard, is a serious man trying to do a politically impossible job. I spoke with him at length, and with a dozen other officers and guards, and visited three different detention blocks.

The high-minded critics who complain about torture are wrong. We are far too soft on these guys - and, as a result, aren't getting the valuable intelligence we need to save American lives.

The politically correct regulations are unbelievable. Detainees are entitled to a full eight hours sleep and can't be woken up for interrogations. They enjoy three meals and five prayers per day, without interruption. They are entitled to a minimum of two hours of outdoor recreation per day.

Interrogations are limited to four hours, usually running two - and (of course) are interrupted for prayers. One interrogator actually bakes cookies for detainees, while another serves them Subway or McDonald's sandwiches. Both are available on base. (Filet o' Fish is an al Qaeda favorite.)

Interrogations are not video or audio taped, perhaps to preserve detainee privacy.

Call it excessive compassion by a nation devoted to therapy, but it's dangerous. Adm. Harris admitted to me that a multi-cell al Qaeda network has developed in the camp. Military intelligence can't yet identify their leaders, but notes that they have cells for monitoring the movements and identities of guards and doctors, cells dedicated to training, others for making weapons and so on.

And they can make weapons from almost anything. Guards have been attacked with springs taken from inside faucets, broken fluorescent light bulbs and fan blades. Some are more elaborate. "These folks are MacGyvers," Harris said.

Other cells pass messages from leaders in one camp to followers in others. How? Detainees use the envelopes sent to them by their attorneys to pass messages. (Some 1,000 lawyers represent 440 prisoners, all on a pro bono basis, with more than 18,500 letters in and out of Gitmo in the past year.) Guards are not allowed to look inside these envelopes because of "attorney-client privilege" - even if they know the document inside is an Arabic-language note written by a prisoner to another prisoner and not a letter to or from a lawyer.

That's right: Accidentally or not, American lawyers are helping al Qaeda prisoners continue to plot.

There is little doubt what this note-passing and weapons-making is used for. The military recorded 3,232 incidents of detainee misconduct from July 2005 to August 2006 - an average of more than eight incidents per day. Some are nonviolent, but the tally includes coordinated attacks involving everything from throwing bodily fluids on guards (432 times) to 90 stabbings with homemade knives.

One detainee slashed a doctor who was trying to save his life; the doctors wear body armor to treat their patients.

The kinder we are to terrorists, the harsher we are to their potential victims.

Striking the balance between these two goods (humane treatment, foreknowledge of deadly attacks) is difficult, but the Bush administration seems to lean too far in the direction of the detainees. No expense spared for al Qaeda health care: Some 5,000 dental operations (including teeth cleanings) and 5,000 vaccinations on a total of 550 detainees have been performed since 2002 - all at taxpayer expense. Eyeglasses? 174 pairs handed out. Twenty two detainees have taxpayer-paid prosthetic limbs. And so on.

What if a detainee confesses a weakness (like fear of the dark) to a doctor that might be useful to interrogators, I asked the doctor in charge, would he share that information with them? "My job is not to make interrogations more efficient," he said firmly. He cited doctor-patient privacy. (He also asked that his name not be printed, citing the potential for al Qaeda retaliation.)

Food is strictly halal and averages 4,200 calories per day. (The guards eat the same chow as the detainees, unless they venture to one of the on-base fast-food joints.) Most prisoners have gained weight.

Much has been written about the elaborate and unprecedented appeal process. Detainees have their cases reviewed once a year and get rights roughly equivalent to criminals held in domestic prisons. I asked a military legal adviser: In what previous war were captured enemy combatants eligible for review before the war ended? None, he said.

America has never faced an enemy who has so ruthlessly broken all of the rules of war - yet never has an enemy been treated so well.

Of Gitmo's several camps, military records show that the one with the most lenient rules is the one with the most incidents and vice versa. There is a lesson in this: We should worry less about detainee safety and more about our own.

Some 20 current detainees have direct personal knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and nearly everyone of the current 440 say they would honored to attack America again. Let's take them at their word.
Richard Miniter (richardminiter.com) is a bestselling author and adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute.

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Don’t tell my Wife!!!

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Name that Country

Last weeks answer was of course Mexico…I still like angel-m-t’s thought though…Texas Junior!!

Here is this week’s country:

Still should be pretty easy…DON’T FORGET TO POST YOUR ANSWER!!!!

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Can't be said any better...

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Who Should Have Nuclear Weapons?

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki there was quite a debate about the building and use of nuclear weapons. But as they say once the genie is out of the bottle there is very little you can do to put it back!

We were the first to create such a massive and devastating weapon and the only one to ever have used it. Since its development in the States many counties have followed…most using their own resources and knowledge to make these devices. A few have obtained the technology through less than intelligent ways just as any thug can find a cheap weapon of choice on the street corner.

Nuclear weapons in their current form can do more damage than anything we have ever seen. We developed and weaponized nuclear material and stockpiled them to defeat the USSR and in the process have become the sole super power in the world. While we are no longer in the production of these weapons we still have enough to ‘do in’ most of the world.

The question at hand though is who should have the ability to develop and have these powerful weapons?

Many, mainly those here in the states, claim that the US is being hypocritical by having these weapons and not allowing other countries to develop similar armaments. Others claim that while we posses these weapons we are monitored by self regulated non-proliferation treaties and we do allow countries to develop this technology just look at India and Pakistan. The real issue at hand is the US stepping in to prevent an extremist country like Iran/Korea from obtaining these weapons.

Here is my opinion: I have no doubt that if Iran weaponizes nuclear material, based on information that they have obtained, not developed, they will use their new weapon as they have others (look up their use of chemical weapons during the Iran/Iraq war) and in the process kill millions.

I believe that the US should not stand in the way of Iran developing nuclear technology. If they use said technology, as I’m sure they will they must understand that the US will have no choice but to use the same weapon to eliminate their entire country and all of its contents without any second chances or remorse.

Nuclear weapons are here to stay and until all countries (and people) are able to understand the effect of ‘mutual annihilation’ there will always be a threat to our safety.

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Feingold Speaks Again…

“I call on the President to stop using the phrase “Islamic fascists”, a label that doesn’t make any sense, and certainly doesn’t help our effort to build a coalition of societies to fight terrorism,” Feingold said.

So what would you like us to call them?

Non-Christian retro-religious zealots?

Anti-Jewish non-Muslim fanatics?

How about people-of-Earth-with-a-mind-set-to-destroy-those-that-are-not-Muslim-but-who-are-not-true-Muslims-themselves?

Would any of those work for you Mr. Feingold?

These TERRORISTS are what they are…they are Muslims who believe that their God has instructed them to either convert or kill all non-believers and to use all means necessary to achieve this goal. This group is not just limited to al Qaeda; it has roots in Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO, just to name a few.

If Muslims would like us to stop calling these terrorists Islamic Fascists then it is up to the Islamic nations to clearly separate themselves from these radicals and for them, NOT some Jewish white guy from Wisconsin, denounce the use of this term.

Mr. Feingold, I am appalled that you represent me and the great state of Wisconsin. You are a shameful representation of what Wisconsin has to offer this country and the world. We live in a melting pot called America and you are suffering from the worst case of “White Guilt” I have ever seen.

Mr. Feingold, I’m waiting for you to tell us what we should call Muslims that are hell bent on conquering or destroying the world.

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From the AP “Mayor vetoes Chicago 'living wage' bill

Liberals forget that they hate these big-box retailers…imagine if this would have been passed…Walmart and Home Depot like stores now offer $10/hr and a minimum of $3/hr in benefits…what do you think would happen to the ‘mom & pop’ stores?

There would be no way for them to compete…basic economics once again has blinded the left.

Just because it sounds like a good idea doesn’t make it so.

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On this day we remember those we have lost, friends, co-workers, family, and fellow Americans. Let us remember them and not lose sight of what was done to them.

Why I refuse to forget:

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Do sanctions work?

The US is close to getting a deal in the Security Council of the UN that would put place sanctions on Iran unless they stop enriching uranium. (Link)

The question is: do sanctions work?

If we start by looking at this question from what effect it had on Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan one can not honestly say that sanctions work!

What happens is simple those in power continue to wield their power by usurping those that are less fortunate in the country. While these powerful men are riding the backs of the downtrodden they continually point out that the UN (or in most cases the US) is primarily responsible for their pain since we are the ones who imposed the sanctions. This causes hatred. Of the UN, the US, and anyone else that agrees with the policy.

Then once the sanctions are lifted the powerful continue to steal from those that need the help so that the hatred grows because we have now said we would help but no help comes to them; they blame us.

However if we look at sanctions as a military move then sanctions work…sort of.

From a strategic point of view sanctions weaken a county by deflating the people of the county. Without outside assistance very few counties, especially developing counties, could sustain itself with food and materials for defense. This weakened country would be primed for attack.

This strategy can backfire though. Weakened people filled with hate can and many times do fight to their ultimate death to defend what they believe. Their deaths then become war cries for those that follow their same cause…kind of sound like what we have right now in the Middle East doesn’t it?

Iran is a problem for the world…but sanctions are not the answer.

…Next topic is “who should have nuclear weapons?”…

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Name that Country

I’m thinking this will become a weekly puzzle…but for now here is an easy one.

Don’t forget to post your answer!!

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More “Junk Science” at your service

In the latest attempt to prove that the world is truly coming to an end due to “global warming” Chris Thomas of the University of York is actually claiming, and the dutiful news media is reporting, that "If the most extreme warming predicted takes place we will be going back to global temperatures not seen since the age of the dinosaur." He continues by stating that we may be on the “edge of a wave of mass extinctions.”

Here is the problem with his argument and the many like his that come forward every few years…Could Mr. Thomas tell us what the average temperature was in 9,998,000 BC? How about in 1,000 BC? 1130 AD? 1492 AD? What about 1776? Could he explain what appears to have been a warming trend in the mid-thirteenth century?

See, the problem with the “scientific facts” that he is scaring people with is that we have only been recording temperatures for about 100+ years!!!

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Budgets and taxes

Last week Thursday Fred from Real Debate Wisconsin had a great poem on taxes (Link: Real Debate Wisconsin: Taxes) and it really stirred up some strong emotions.

Well I always like to challenge people to put their thoughts into some sort of action so here is a link to the National Budget Simulator. If you are a novice to governmental budgeting you may wish to try your hand at the short version but for all of you die-hards out there try the long version and see how good you are at balancing the budget.

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AP: “McDonald's succumbs to hedgehogs' needs”

I’ve got nothing…

AP news article

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Why do I read this crap?

While perusing the political sites I always find time to read some of the items on RealClearPolicitcs.com and today was no exception. Now I know that all of these items are not going to have my point of view on the world and I also know that there are a few writers that I really should stay away from but I just can’t seem to help myself!!

Today in the Guardian Noam Chomsky has an article titled “Their View of the World is Through a Bombsite” and I of course had to read this drivel.

Noam, who I do believe is intelligent, is quite mad! He states that the latest Israel – Hezbollah conflict was a “US-Israeli invasion of Lebanon, with only a cynical pretence to legitimacy.” He completely ignores that fact the Hezbollah actually started the conflict and Israel retaliated…not the US!

He continues to do what all good liberals do tie this conflict to something different and states that the real reason for this recent “assault is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” ASSAULT?!?! Excuse me Mr. Chomsky? I do believe that if Hezbollah would have not bombed Israel there would not have been an “assault” on them. The only people that were assaulted here was the Israelis! And what does any of this have to do with the Palestinians? Are you implying that they are complicit with Hezbollah? Should there be another attack on Israel from Hezbollah should the Israelis “assault” Palestine as well as Lebanon?

Finally Noam puts it all out there:

“It is no secret that Israel has helped to destroy secular Arab nationalism and to create Hizbullah and Hamas, just as US violence has expedited the rise of extremist Islamic fundamentalism and jihadi terror.”

It’s no secret huh? Well I would beg to differ. The only people that believe this crap are the same people that believe if they die with a bomb strapped to their chest and kill innocent civilians, including women and children, that God will grant them 72 virgins for doing this “holy act.” This statement is nothing but garbage meant to drive reasonably sane people like me nuts!

“US violence has expedited the rise of extremist Islamic…” What violence would that be Mr. Chomsky? In your article you point to the invasion of Iraq but that is a bogus example since these “terrorists” have been around longer than this. Remember 9/11, USS Cole, the attacks on the US embassies…the list goes on. The only thing that “US violence” will create is a safer world for everyone but terrorists in the end.

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AP Headline: “Comment shows Russian impatience on Iran”


Here is the comment (link):

"We share the position of (the International Atomic Energy Agency) and express our regret that Iran has not fulfilled Resolution 1696 by the designated date and refused to stop work on uranium enrichment," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin was quoted as saying by the Interfax and RIA-Novosti news agencies.

What really chafes me is that these people are still willing to coddle this country!!! The US and the rest of the UN agreed that this diplomatic solution would end with the following outcomes; Iran stopping the enrichment of nuclear material or sanctions.

While I am not always the largest supporter of sanctions, primarily because they don’t work, this was the agreed to terms of the UN. The Russians are doing a disservice to the world in allowing this crap to go on.

To further my out rage the Russian spokesman continued with:

"We take past experience into account and we cannot join ultimatums that only lead everyone to a dead end," he told reporters. "There are many countries whose policies raise questions and provoke concern but we live in one world and we need to search for solution through dialogue, involve them in dialogue, and not through isolation."


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“Editorial: The board was wrong”

This is the headline I was greeted with when I went to the Journal Sentinel Editorial webpage today.

Could this be true?!?!

I read it twice and I’d encourage all to read it as well. (Link)

The facts in the Green PAC money case are simple. Mark Green transferred money from his federal campaign to his state campaign before the state elections board made a ruling that such transfers were inappropriate.

This type of transfer has been allowed before; when Doyle brought up similar accusations of Tom Barrett the SEB acknowledged that this was allowable. Now with Doyle’s cronies on the SEB they decide to rewrite the ruling they made to make it retroactive!! This is simply WRONG!

I am glad to see that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is willing to acknowledge that this is just a case of Doyle cronyism and not a real ruling from the SEB.

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