Still here...

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I haven't posted in days...Well my wife and I headed out on vacation and when we got back I saw my new property assesment!!!!

WOW...35% increase!!!!

So I immediately ran off to London!

Not quite but I am in London for the next few weeks. I hope to continue to post as things come up.

Keep reading...I'll keep posting!

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More Rumors…

Well here are a few rumors that have been circulating Caledonia in recent weeks:

Village President Delagrave will not be running for reelection as Village President.

Former Trustee Prott will run for the Village board next spring.

The Planning commission is for sale! 50 acres in trust and we will waive any and all ordinances!

Village Engineer will stay on the payroll after his retirement…as a contract employee, of course! Can you say “CA-CHING!”

Susan “green-space” Greenfield will be running for Village President against Ron “the grass is greener” Coutts…I’m thinking a conservative in the race would at least make this one interesting.

Speaking of Ms. Green-space…I’m sure this rumor is false but…Current Village President may appoint Ms. Green-space to the drainage commission which is a paid position. If this rumor is true we can be assured that we will be saying “Madame President” come next spring!

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Would this be a good idea?

I’ve been advocating for a while that maybe it was time that Caledonia severe their relationship with RUSD…I’m not the only one!!

It looks like there is an under current calling for the same thing!

Here is the article from the Journal Times:

Seceding from Unified?

It is VERY important that we analyze this situation carefully! Financial impact to the community and the ability to recruit high quality teachers is paramount. We need to be sure that this would be a sustainable situation. Village President Delagrave even brought up the idea of a joint district with Mount Pleasant; I would even recommend looking at Raymond and Yorkville as possible partners.

I want to see us move in this direction…Village President Delagrave may not be advocating this one way or the other but he is truly thinking about the impact on the community and is willing to bring up the idea.

I applaud Delagrave for his consideration of this potential concept.

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Is this the End of the Story?

Well the grand jury decided not to indict Rep. McKinney.

For those that have forgotten the story…McKinney was not wearing her Congressional Pin when she decided to walk around security, ignored the Capitol Police Officers request to stop 3 times, and when the Officer grabbed McKinney, she turned and punched the Officer in the chest with a closed first.

She claimed that the officer ‘racially profiled’ her in his attempt to stop her.

Was this about race? Yes, McKinney turned this into an issue of race and found out that no one believed that the officer did anything inappropriate…well that is everyone but the grand jury! Had this been a white conservative female and a black officer do you think the grand jury would have declined?

Is this the last we will hear the name Cynthia McKinney? Probably not!

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Reince Priebus…State GOP Chair?

I've been out of the country so this may seem like old news but...

Rumor has it that Reince Priebus may become the next State Republican Party Chairman.

I know Reince and feel that he would be a GREAT successor to Rick Graber.

Reince has served us very well down here in the First District and has continued to impress us as treasurer of the State Party.

While it will be sad to see Rick head off to Washington we all know that Reince has the ability to take our State Party to the next level.

Good luck Rick and Reince!

Thank you bbg and realdebatewisconsin for the rumor!

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A Must Read for Conservatives!

Now I’m sure that most of you out there are wondering why a conservative guy like me would recommend such a left leaning pile of s*** like this book. Well the answer is simple; we conservatives must begin to understand the depths that these people will go to in order to justify their beliefs.

If you are not a true conservative I would caution your reading of this book because, as with any politically motivated book left or right, you will be swayed by the “facts” they use and may get too caught un in them to notice the blatant and obvious contradictions.
Here is the short version of the book:
  • America has too much money.
  • America throws too much money at impoverished countries.
  • America does not throw enough of the right type of money to impoverished countries.
  • America is capitalistic.
  • America is not a democracy.
  • America sells goods too cheaply so that people can’t compete.
  • America prices its good too high so that people can’t buy them.
  • America is too violent, unlike the rest of the world.
  • America is hated by everyone because we truly don’t care for anyone but Israel.
  • Americans have no concept of what the rest of the world is doing. (The one point I truly agree with!!)

While is doe not surprise me that the left would say these things it was quite interesting the machinations they went through to prove their theory. There are contradictions throughout the book and some out right distortions of the facts.

We must be ever vigilant in understanding the inner workings of the left. This book and many more like it are tainting young and uninformed minds so we must come prepared to defend against crap like this.

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WOW…Maybe Big Brother is Truly Watching!!

Oregon is testing the first mileage-based tax that they hope will ultimately replace the gas tax. The gas tax is primarily used to fund the Department of Transportation so that it can build and fix roads. Oregon has not raised its gas tax in 13 years and is now looking for better ways to pay for the upkeep of the roads. The reasoning for this change is due to more people driving fuel efficient cars has lead the State to rethink the gas tax.

Here is how it would work:

The milage-fee project was designed by engineers at Oregon State University. The system works by using a global positioning system in a car to determine the number of miles traveled inside and outside of Oregon and at what times, which could lead to peak driving-time fees. When the car pulls into a service station, a radio transmitter sends the data to a reader in a gas pump. The mileage fee is added to the bill, and the gas tax is subtracted.

Get the full article here.

So if they are monitoring how far you drove is there any reason not to think that they will also monitor where you drove?

Where will the ACLU come down on this idea?

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We lost and I am not happy…

Many people who know me will agree when I say that I am the type of person who will stew on issues until it is all consuming and I can’t think straight. Well folks that is what this referendum has done to me. I haven’t been posting much because I can not figure out why people are so DUMB!!!

What I can’t understand is:

  • When we have a school district that will blatantly use students to justify their own inept spending, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • When we have children who can’t read or form coherent sentences when they graduate from high school, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • Why when we have to pay for the substitute teacher to teach classes a Union Boss can’t teach because she is to busy doing the dirty work of the union and STILL getting paid by us, the taxpayers, in stead of by her union colleagues, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the school board is now considering a multiyear referendum since the single year referendums are “a huge drain on the district and administrators” but our own Journal Times is mute on the subject, why isn’t there more outrage.

Maybe outrage is truly dead.

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Now was this really a surprise?!?!

The news media is really trying to be as anti-military as possible…the purpose of this head line and so many like it is to portray our good soldiers as bullies!

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Becker Honored

In today’s Journal Times, an article by Dustin Block, points out that Mayor Becker has been honored by the local Sierra Club. The interesting part is the why he is being honored. It seems that Racine’s Mayor has decided to sign an agreement (similar in nature to the Kyoto Protocol) to reduce Racine’s carbon dioxide level 7% below the levels in 1990.

So what does the Mayor have in store for us…making us hold our breath for 2 hours everyday? Mandate that all workers walk to work? Push 7% of the businesses out of Racine to surrounding communities? (Now this idea I’d like! You could send them to Caledonia…oh wait…those damn horse “farmers” won’t let us build!)

Kyoto has some very valid arguments but it should not be to the detriment of the society! If we were to strictly enforce the same environmental standards we use here in the US to the rest of the world there would literally be a halt to advancement in these developing countries.

The US has made quite a few environmental changes in the last 40 years that other countries still have not done (See: Clean Water and Air Act, creation of the EPA, and reductions of auto and factory emissions) and we are not demanding that they follow our lead. But we are singled out because we feel this protocol would unduly affect our society in a negative way. That is why Clinton did not sign it and why Bush still has not.

A bunch of Mayors agreeing to this protocol may be a feel good step but not one that will bring economic prosperity and people to your community.

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So let me get this straight…

Caledonia and Sturtevant were the only communities that realize RUSD has failed us and wanted to hold them accountable.

All the while Racine, Mount Pleasant, North Bay, Elmwood Park, and Wind Point said “YES! We want to see more of the same thank you!”

When will we realize that doing the same thing we have always done will only result in the same substandard results?

Maybe it is time to break up RUSD.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has it right!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is recommending a NO vote on the referendum.

Excerpt from the Milwaukee editorial staff:

We encouraged a "yes" vote in the June (2005) referendum, with the caveat that the district get its financial house in order and do more to rein in health care and other costs that were taking a steep toll on schools. We said then, "give the board the breathing space of a year to figure out how to meet its budget without asking voters for more money. And get ready to say 'no' if the board hasn't done these things and again pleads with voters for more money."

Full Editorial is here.


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McKinney STILL not charged

It seems that Cynthia McKinney still has not been charged with attacking a Capitol Hill police officer back in March!

A quote from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution:

“Right from the start this U.S. attorney has handled this case differently from every other case,” said Chuck Canterbury, national president of the Fraternal Order of Police. “And it’s because she is a sitting congresswoman.”

Full article here.

Could it also be that the grand jury and the U.S. attorney are suffering from White Guilt?

Maybe they should read this book and then prosecute Cynthia as they would any other citizen that ignored a Capitol Police Officer.

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So now the language has changed…

The news media is no longer satisfied with using the term “global warming” they have move to using the phrase “human-induced climate change!



This once again proves just how biased the media is…if Al Gore says it then it must be true!

On the limited data we have it is true that we are in a period of global warming but to directly link this warming to a human induced change is preposterous! The only link I can see is that we exhale CO2 which means if every environmental wacko would stop breathing the rest of us, and the world would be in much better shape!

It was only a few years ago when the big greenhouse gas was methane but now its carbon dioxide so what did we do to reduce methane? Nothing, because methane wasn’t glamorous enough but CO2 is everywhere so we can make that the new cause.

So what will the deadly gas be next year?

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Has anyone seen Mayor Becker or Mayor Barrett?

I was just wondering if any of our Mayors are out doing who knows what with our tax dollars.

Mayors live it up at Las Vegas meeting

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Vote on Tuesday!!!!

Remember to Vote on Tuesday...6/6/06.

Think about it this way...Doyle is in town to rally the pro-referendum crowd so be sure to vote!!!!

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7 County Sales Tax

Just in case you haven’t heard a number of Milwaukee officials recently had a “brain storming session” where they thought a 7 county regional “cultural” tax would be a good idea.

Milwaukee, like many counties in Wisconsin, is facing a large budget issue and the thought of a regional tax is making many salivate. In today’s Journal Sentinel Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett actually thought that any regional tax should “include help for City of Milwaukee police and fire services, Milwaukee County parks and various regional transit needs.” He went on to include the KRM METRA.

The story says that the “Main beneficiaries of a regional cultural tax could include the Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee Art Museum, the Mitchell Park Domes and other major institutions that draw many patrons from beyond Milwaukee County.”

So I guess that means the Racine Zoo, RAM, the Racine Historic Museum, Kenosha’s History Center, not to mention the Racine, Kenosha, Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, and Sturtevant’s fire and police services are all out of luck. I mean we all know that Milwaukee is THE PLACE to be in Wisconsin, right?

Here’s the deal, if these “cultural” items are in need of extra funding then by all means it would behoove them to start fundraising or to raise the price of admission. If they are still in dire need it would make sense for them to consider either privatizing the “cultural exhibit” or simply rid themselves of it.

A regional tax would only cause heartburn for the neighbors of Milwaukee County since Mayor Barrett is already asking for the region to foot the bill for their police and fire.

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Minimum Wage and Minimum Prices

As many of you may know today is the day when Wisconsin’s new minimum wage takes effect. The minimum wage throughout all of Wisconsin is now $6.50.

Not to be out done by Governor Doyle, President Hugo Chavez has proposed a minimum price for a barrel of oil of $50.00.

Hmmmm…those Lefties must really hate free market.

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